Song Tao, male, 34 years old, works at the People's Bank in Jiamusi City in Heilongjiang Province. His wife is Ma Hongyu, who works at Highway Passenger Transportation Station in Jiamusi City. His son is 9 year-old Song Kunxiao. On July 19, 2002, because of a collaborator's betrayal, police kidnapped him, and he is currently illegally detained in Yantai. Due to a hunger strike and brutal torture, he is now in a life-threatening situation. When facing interrogation, he took the entire situation upon himself, and did not implicate any other fellow practitioners. As a result, the police could not obtain any information from him.

Song Tao obtained the Fa in 1998, and he has been illegally detained twice. The first time was in July 2000, someone reported him to the police simply because he went onto the Internet using computers at home. Police thus illegally arrested him and brutally tortured him in the detention center where he was illegally detained for about 4 months. The second time was in early 2001. During an inspection at a railway station, he was found to be carrying truth-clarifying materials. However, he successfully walked away using his wisdom. In June 2002, police at Jiamusi Railway Substation arrested him when he was on a trip to Harbin. After three months of illegal detention, due to poor health, he was allowed to go on parole for medical care. Since getting out of the Railway Detention Center, he put enormous efforts into Fa-rectification, and did lots of truth clarification. During that time, Song Tao clarified the truth using all available means and is one of the practitioners under investigation for intercepting TV signals

Dafa disciples and kind people around the world are paying close attention to Song Tao's situation.