(Clearwisdom.net) The following is what my child saw while sending forth righteous thoughts: The head of the evil has many hearts. He has as many hearts as there are people who do not believe in Dafa. When Dafa practitioners clarified the truth and saved someone by helping him know that Dafa is good, one of the hearts would be cut, causing him extreme anguish.

On another day, when we sent forth righteous thoughts, my child saw the enormous body of the head of the evil. He couldn't eliminate it, so he went to Falun Paradise, got a bag full of seeds of justice, and spread them in the human world. The seeds fell upon the newborn babies and small children, who all called out, "Falun Dafa is good." Upon hearing this, many of the hearts in the head of the evil died, and it shrank to a tiny size.

From what my child saw in meditation and my understanding of the Fa, I came to realize that clarifying the truth is not only saving people in this world and displaying the benevolence of Dafa practitioners, but also eliminating the evil. When all the people in this world come to know the truth, the evil will have no place to exist.

The above is what my child saw at his level, I helped write it as a mother. Please kindly point out any mistakes.