(Clearwisdom.net) The so-called Hebei Capital Law Education & Training Center, on Beicheng Road in Shijiazhuang City, is a center specifically used to brainwash Falun Gong practitioners. A surveillance camera on the upper left side of its tightly closed gray iron gate allows the guards to monitor an area up to ten meters away. The wall of the yard is as high as that of a jail and is inlaid with shards of glass and has electrified wire netting on the top. Also, there is an automatic alarm at every corner of the compound. All the windows of the brainwashing center are tightly sealed with anti-theft steel chain-link. Because some practitioners once miraculously escaped using righteous thoughts, the police there are very scared and they installed more cameras in June. They are located on the ground in front of the two buildings, above the doors of the seven small rooms (previously known as "conversation rooms"), at the corner of the dining room, on top of the blackboard in the two big room, at the ends of two corridors, at the turning point in the staircase, and on the building entrances. The detainees are all in an intensively guarded room in No. 2 south building, which nobody but the police is allowed to enter. Iron gates are installed and locked at all the access points to the second floor. One police officer said to the practitioners, "Now you are unable to escape anymore..."

The organization of this brainwashing center was based on that of the third branch of the Shijiazhuang forced-labor camp. The administrative personnel are the police officers who are most active in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners, and they are becoming more and more vicious as they spend their time studying how to brainwash the Falun Gong practitioners. Here are examples of two of the most vicious perpetrators and their actions:

Kong Fanyun, male, over 50. He once worked in an intelligence organization and has been the head of the Education Department since the brainwashing center was established. He said, "You are in a brainwashing class. Our task is to brainwash you and make you become obedient."

Yuan Shuqian, male, 28. He is the head of the notorious "610 office" of Shijiazhuang City and once worked in the second branch of Shijiazhung forced-labor camp as the Personnel Officer of the Hebei Security Bureau. When practitioner Tao Hongsheng was persecuted to death after being sent to hospital, it was Yuan who had been in charge of brainwashing Tao.

A collaborator, a former practitioner who was completely brainwashed and paid to work as an "assistant" there, said with terror at the memory: "I still shiver as I think of these policemen."

The address of the Fascist-style brainwashing center: Beicheng Road, Shijiazhuang.

Kong Fanyun's telephone number: 86-311-7792624-8012, 8016