October 7, 2002

(Clearwisdom.net) I always talk about Falun Gong to my manager at work. He doesn't practice but he has a more positive understanding of Falun Gong.

The manager has quite a lot of friends among the police officers. I once asked him to clarify the truth to his police friends. He said, "They all know what's going on. Those who are real policemen don't do this kind of thing (persecution). It's always those who can't do any real work who commit sins to please their higher ups."

One time the police caught a practitioner. The manager took the police chief aside and said, "Let her go; don't do this kind of wrong thing. She didn't do anything bad." The chief debated a bit but did let her go. A few days later, the chief was transferred to another department. He came and talked to the manager about this, and he also mentioned the incident with the practitioner. He said, "I am so glad that I listened to you and didn't do anything sinful."

One day the manager told me that he was going to the airport to pick up the mother of a fellow soldier from his army days. The mother was homeless because she practiced Falun Gong. Her family had learned that she was staying in the airport. Later, when the manager came back he told me that the family had found her. Then he added, "I am going to the police station to scold them for trying to arrest practitioners!"

In another instance, after my manager learned that I always clarify the truth to co-workers in our company, he has often told to me that I need to protect myself.

These kind people will have a beautiful future for sure!