(Clearwisdom.net) At this time when the head of evil is about to visit the United States, and we are planning to protest, I cannot help but remember what happened not long ago when another Chinese leader came to visit New York.

At that time, some practitioners gathered across from the hotel to appeal. Soon a large group of Chinese students organized by the Chinese consulate also came to welcome him. Those students started to do little acts of causing trouble such as making a police siren sound on their loud speaker in front of us, trying to push into our group, trying to cause some arguments, trying to get the police to push us farther down. As a result, practitioners began to form the mentality of going against the students and we began to constantly complain to the police officers to protect our rights. Many practitioners felt they knew how to handle the situation. Some practitioners directly approached the police and asked the officers to stop the harassment from the Chinese students. Other practitioners kept going to Western practitioners to push them to get the police "to fix the situation".

As a result I noticed the students getting more anxious and doing bad things constantly but the police wanted to ask us to leave or move far away.

Finally, we realized we needed to look inside, present a calmer image and let our compassion show its power so the police could tell just from one's look who were bad and who were good. We started sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil in other dimensions that was manipulating the students. Afterwards, we started singing "Falun Dafa is Good."

It was during that time I noticed the students start to become respectful, some came to ask us questions, some called people on the cell phones and held the phone up so the person could hear the singing. The police suddenly came over to ask us who we were and get some information from us.

It is good to use everyday people's methods to restrain evil but it is also very important to maintain a calm and compassionate heart, look inside for our own shortcomings and pay attention to sending forth righteous thoughts. If possible, it is helpful to conduct group study and experience sharing so that practitioners can be calm and smooth and not develop a competitive mentality, showing off, or other impure hearts while protesting.

Really, I found many times during these types of events, even under very extreme circumstances such as 5,000 violent protesters and scared police, that it is always our manner, ability to put others before us, and following our principles that manifests Dafa immediately and we don't have any problem. When we get overzealous or we start to handle things too much with everyday people's methods then things never go smoothly and we are tempted to use more and more rules and every day methods.

I have always found that letting the police know that we are considerate of their job and want to make it easy on them has always gotten us the maximum amount of consideration from any authorities. When we have the mentality that they are "working for us" or we have some selfish mentality the police can be used very easily by the evil to treat us rudely.