(Clearwisdom.net) As Dafa practitioners, we have attained Dafa earlier than many other people. To assist our teacher, we should follow what Master Li has said: "Now you are the ones who are validating the Fa among the world's people, and you're the ones who are saving sentient beings and consummating everything of yours in the process of clarifying the truth among the world's people. So I wanted to leave the opportunities for you and let you do these things." "Teaching the Fa at the Washington, D.C. Fa Conference, July 22, 2002" Last week, I spent three days among my compatriots from China to verify the truth of Dafa to them. I felt that unlike in the past, they could now accept Dafa truth materials.

Mainland Chinese people are thinking

One boy asked me a question in a serious manner: I admire you Falun Gong practitioners, but why doesn't your teacher go back to China to suffer, like Jesus Christ had done, to sacrifice for the truth? Why just let his disciples suffer?

I knew the old force was making use of my loopholes: I am afraid that if I tell the compatriots from China things from too high a level, they couldn't understand, and that may block them from attaining Dafa. But people from China have changed in the past 6 months, they have started to rationally think about the Falun Gong issue. So I directly told them about the 'old forces', I said: the rule that a righteous person had to be tortured to death to prove his greatness is not a righteous law. There is an old force in the universe, they wanted Jesus Christ and Sakyamuni to suffer in order to prove their greatness, but that will no longer be the case in the future. I myself was not completely satisfied with my answer, but I could not find a better one even after thinking about it for three days. So I turned to study Dafa, what I read was "Teaching the Fa while touring North America, March, 2002" "Today, China's area is vast, and the number of sentient beings who've been victimized is very large--in China alone more than a billion people have been directly victimized. But this persecution isn't limited to just China. This persecution is actually worldwide--the slander has poisoned people's minds the world over. Meanwhile, the lies and propaganda that have blanketed the earth have put enormous pressure on Dafa disciples. And more seriously, such lies and slander have poisoned people's minds all over the world. This is the Fa of the cosmos. It is the Fa that created all life. If any being's head contains bad thoughts about Dafa--think about it, Fa-rectification is now taking place and a being's attitude toward Fa-rectification determines whether he remains or is eliminated--could that being still be kept when the Fa rectifies the human world? He'll be weeded out as soon as Fa-rectification of the human world begins. So isn't this a persecution of the whole world, of the entire human race?" An answer jumped out at me: I should have asked that boy this question: "If your father does something that is righteous, would you like him to be killed by gangsters in order to prove that he is right?" I realized that, by studying Dafa, my questions were answered naturally. I learned to give them concise and convincing answers.

Later, another Chinese person asked a similar question, I answered him in the above way, and he was a little surprised. I know the evils behind him had been eliminated.

Mainland compatriots have been waiting for our answers for a long time!

Other compatriots asked me many questions. I felt that many Mainland Chinese are expecting to ask Falun gong practitioners questions. Some of them told me: you've made it, keep going!

One Mainland Chinese person asked me for the "Evidence" photo book. I said: "do you dare to bring it back? Please just read it here." He told me lightly: "put it here." (in his bag) I said: "after I leave, you may throw it away." He said: "no, I will not." The second day another young man asked me for a copy, I said I have just one copy with me, which I show to everyone. He said: " don't you have another copy?" I said: I have, in my home. He said: "then leave this one for me."

Those timid officials are afraid of losing their benefits gained from their positions

There were several Chinese officials and leaders who dared not even look at Falun Gong materials. I told them: dictators are so far away from you, why are still controlled by them? Whether they took Dafa material or not, I have a way of telling them one sentence to make them think. The other thing is that whenever mainland compatriots came in front of me, I could feel that the evils behind them were shivering, because I kept on reciting the Fa-rectification verses and the three newest poems of our teacher. My heart is bright. Every sentence we said made the evils and ghosts in the other dimensions desperate.

Time was so urgent I had to control the time I could talk with each one.

Since this time so many mainland compatriots wanted to know the truth of Falun Dafa, also because they've read the photo newspaper "Miraculous in driving-off ills, returning people's mind to righteousness by eliminating evils" the previous day, they tended to talk with me for more than half an hour. I had to mind the time I talked with each one so I could talk to more people deceived by the regime-controlled Chinese media.

"Non-acceptance of Dafa materials" is also an illusion, if you do not break through it, then you will be constrained by it.

The third day I went and many of them told me that they had had a meeting the previous night; they are not allowed to accept Dafa related materials. I thought, maybe it's a hard day. But it turned out to be the opposite. I realized that this was a trick played by those evil ghosts to make me give up this precious truth clarifying opportunity. If I believed it, then the trick might work.

I kept reciting Master Li's Fa-rectification verses and the three latest poems. The result is that those who did not accept my handouts on the second day came asking for a video CD. I realized that when you appeared as a Falun Gong practitioner, it's easy to hear what the mainland compatriots really think about in their heart.

Some asked me for the "Evidence" photo book; some asked questions in depth, some did not accept materials, but liked to talk for a long time. A group leader who attacked Dafa the day before, accepted my material especially prepared for her and said: "Stalin? You understand. Keep it in your mind." She was the one who would not allow me to deliver Dafa materials the day before, the one who called the previous night's meeting to tell all people to not accept Dafa materials. She said she watches CNN, and knows what is happening outside of China.

I got to know better that pressure cannot change people's minds. No matter what the upper authorities say, the masses have their own scales in their minds.

By talking I got to know why they do not accept the Falun Gong truth materials.

Once I talked with four people from China, they were deceived by the CCTV news about the "Fu Yibin murder event". They wanted to talk with me to see if I was a normal person. I said your brains are full of lies made up by media controlled by the regime. Finding that I was so kind and peaceful, they then said that I was paid by someone to come here. I said I drove for three hours to be here to tell you the truth, and I had to print these materials using my own money. I spent three days here not because I have nothing to do, it's because of my compassion. Many times they said that the regime had indeed gone too far, but they said Falun Gong was determined by the authorities to be something bad.

I said: how could one person determine the nature of Falun Gong? They then turned to other topics. You could feel their brains are stuffed by the lies made by the slandering propaganda during the past three years.

They always wanted to verify the viewpoints of a Falun Gong practitioner from every detail. You can see their bottom line is: if you like Falun Gong, then just practice it in your home, why promote it. Sometimes I am worried that their brains are rusty and locked.

One of the four seldom said anything, finally he said: you are in such a delusion. I looked into his eyes and said: we are not deluted, we are telling the truth. Through the practice of Falun Gong, my illness is gone; my morality is upgraded; how could I do anything that's indecent to Falun Gong and its founder! 1600 Falun Gong practitioners have been tortured to death. Do you understand what a true statement means? When the government says it's good then you say it's good, when it started the persecution, then you do not say true things, is it right? The four then went silent.

Though the mainland compatriots dared not say what they think under the pressure, but the lies spread by the regime have been revealed to the world and are collapsing. The dictator wanted to show that might is right by blocking people's mouths, by polluting people's kindness, but the dictator has no such ability.