(Clearwisdom.net) Authorities from the Dafangshen village police station in Dehui city, Jilin province arrested Dafa practitioners at will, ransacked their homes and extorted large sums of money from them. Over the last three years, they have extorted practitioners of amounts up to 50,000 to 60,000 Yuan [Approximately a 10 year salary of an average urban worker]. The police extorted the money from practitioners without fear of prosecution. As soon as practitioners handed in the money the they were released, for those practitioners who refused to pay the extortion, they ended up being detained by force, in addition, the authoritities never gave a receipt for the extorted money, and there are not any legal procedures for how much is charged. It is all completely subjective and up to the authorities whim. Whenever a so-called "sensitive day" comes, all these policemen come out and search the entire village, looking for practitioners.

Recently, the authorties have gone household to household to harass people who formerly practiced Falun Gong. They made sure that every household signs statements against Falun Gong as well as ransack people's homes on a large scale. According to incomplete statistics, since this March, in only 6 months, this village police station has extorted over 20,000 Yuan from Falun Gong practitioners. Among them, Lishucun Dafa practitioner Li hui didn't get released until he was illegally detained and paid 3,000 Yuan; Xibeitian village Dafa practitioner Jiao Mingyu was illegally taken away, then at the police station, he was beaten up by the police. He was later released after he paid 3,000 Yuan; Zhang Guijin and Liu Xianrong, from the same village as Jiao, had 3,000 Yuan and 500 Yuan extorted from them. Zhang Shouyao, also from the same village, was arrested and didn't regain his freedom until his relatives handed in 500 Yuan for him. Dafa practitioner Guoen of Jidangou village was detained in the police station, he was paid the extortion twice totaling 2500 Yuan; Dongshengtang village Dafa practitioner Xie Yunxi had 1500 Yuan extorted from him after being arrested; Humin from the same village has been arrested two times and was forced to pay 2500 Yuan; Gao Wanchun and Peng Xiangjie of the same village each paid 500 Yuan respectively. The police were trying to detain Dafa practitioner Liang Yutai, but didn't find him. They searched his brother's home and ended up finding some Dafa books and several truth-clarification VCDs, because of that, they even took his brother, who didn't practice Falun Gong, away. Later he was released after having 1000 Yuan extorted from him. Gaotaizi village Dafa practitioner Yu Changfu was paid 1200 Yuan after being arrested; Qu Guangquan of the same village was taken away to the police station by force, and didn't get released until he was paid 3000 Yuan; in early September, Liu Huiping of the same village was illegally detained, and was forced to pay 3000 Yuan before she was released.

Due to the police's illegal persecution, there are more than 10 Dafa practitioners who have been forced to become homeless in Dafangshen village in order to avoid further persecution. The police often break into and ransack Dafa practitioners Hu Jie, Zou Jibin and other practitioners' homes at midnight, openly harass them so that even their families can't live a peaceful life. In addition, this March, Dafangshen village Dafa practitioner Liu Zhichen didn't sign a "repentance letter" so he was arrested by the police, then sent to detention center in Dehui city and sentenced for one year.

Authorities responsible for crimes:

Dafangshen village Dehui city police station head: Li Hongyi, Meng Fanlong

Current head: Dong Jiming (cell) 86-1360546200

Policemen: Zhang Shuai, Liu Chunfeng, Chang Xiande, Yu Chuanqiang, Xi Honggang

Dafangshen village Dehui city police station telephone: 86-431-7560010