I. The Change of Mentality

During mid June 2002, when Jiang, "the human rights scoundrel," came to Chongqing, the evil's talons once again stretched out for us, the practitioners who had been illegally kept in forced labor camps before, and I was thrown into the detention center. I thought about my behavior after I got released from the labor camp, what loopholes did I leave for the evil take advantage of? At the same time I kept sending forth righteous thoughts, and with the help of the powerful righteous thoughts of my fellow practitioners from the outside, I was released after one month. During this one month, I developed some human mentalities without knowing it. Will the evil pay more attention to my whereabouts? Will they come to ransack my home again? Shall I be more careful (the reflection of latent fear)? I transferred all the Dafa books and materials to other practitioners who had not been arrested before, and I didn't even bring the Minghui Weekly home anymore.

I was deeply moved by Teacher's "Teaching the Fa at the Washington, D.C. Fa Conference". Teacher said, "People's different grasps of and comprehension of the Fa lead to different perceptions of the current situation, and all that's happening is targeting different human thoughts. Those who do well will change the environments around them, and those who do poorly will make the environments around them change according to their states of mind."

I kept reading these words for a long time. Just because I had been arrested for many times, did this mean there should exist the possibility of my home being ransacked, or being watched or tailed? Through constantly studying Zhuan Falun, I gradually came to understand the inner meaning of these words. The status of my xinxing and the mind intent that I inadvertently sent forth, in other dimensions, are part of the message of the universe, and are intelligent. Being compassionate, peaceful and righteous is connected and assimilated to Truth, Compassion and Tolerance, and can change and restrain one's environment. One righteous mind can subdue one hundred evils, so evil will not be able to take advantage of me. While bad mentality, thoughts, and fear are pursuits, they're impure, and will conform to the old force's arrangements, causing trouble and tribulations. Teacher said in the section of "Cultivation Insanity" that, "As a practitioner, if you always believe that you have an illness, you are in fact asking for it. If you ask for it, the illness is able to squeeze in." I gradually came to understand this principle. I must let go all of my human mentalities and completely deny all the arrangements by the evil old force.

II. I should examine myself no matter what I heard

I heard something unexpected. You are being released in just a month. Could it be that you have written something [compromising with the evil]? Could it be that the evil is using you to catch more of us? I can face the misunderstandings and humiliations. I don't want to explain too much about it. I don't take the words themselves too seriously. I know if I did and couldn't let go of it, I would be developing another attachment. Among my fellow practitioners who are at different levels, it is quite normal to have different opinions when looking at things. The key is whether or not I can let go of that mentality, and find my own problems in it.

The teachings in the article "Digging out the roots" (Essentials For Further Advancement) made me understand that the key is how you treat the matter.

I recalled many of the principles from Teacher's lectures and writings. Compassion is the fundamental nature of the Great Enlightened Beings. Did I consider others' feelings first in doing everything? If my behavior brought others pressure and worry, didn't I affect others' Fa-studying and cultivation practice? I dug further and discovered many of my shortcomings and problems. I wish to express my thanks to the fellow practitioners for passing on this message to me frankly and for giving me a precious opportunity. We don't need the unprincipled peace of everyday people. What we need are the true improvements in xinxing. We need truly compassionate practitioners who point out the problems to help others improve.

"Look inside" is the exceedingly high main road given us by Dafa.

Oct. 8, 2002