(Clearwisdom.net) What follows is what a young Dafa practitioner had seen in his own cultivation state. This is written only for the purpose of sharing experiences. For the purposes of cultivation and Fa rectification and how to keep the integrity of righteous thoughts, everyone should take the Fa as teacher and enlighten to the Fa.

Bangbang is a 7-year-old Dafa practitioner. Since he started to read the English edition of Zhuan Falun he had progressed a lot on his cultivation path. His third eye is open. He is able to see many scenes in other dimensions. I have summarized here what happened when he sent forth righteous thoughts.

Bangbang said, "Each time after we send righteous thoughts worldwide, the evil force is all eliminated. There is almost no bad demon to be seen. But before long, the evil demon would emerge from under the ground, because the demons all left to hide inside the center of the earth. The gong [energy] of Dafa practitioners could not reach the center of earth while sending righteous thoughts. If Dafa practitioners send righteous thoughts for 5 minutes, gong can only penetrate one third of the earth's radius. Sending righteous thoughts for 10 minutes only allows gong to penetrate two thirds of the radius. If Dafa practitioners send 15 minutes of righteous thoughts, gong can penetrate through all of the earth, reaching the center of earth where the demons hide."

Bangbang also said, "If Dafa practitioners can send 15 minutes of righteous thoughts together everyday on a fixed schedule, then..."

After hearing the child's description, my wife and I who both are Dafa practitioners, started to send forth righteous thoughts for 15 minutes. Today when we sent forth righteous thoughts, my back felt a series pains, lasting a short while. Later Bangbang told me because I persisted to send forth righteous thoughts for 15 minutes, the evil demons retaliated against me, using a blade to chop and puncture my back, until my gong had eliminated them.