Policemen persecuted Dafa practitioners brutally at the 1st Brigade of Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp in Changchun City, Jilin Province.

Dafa practitioner Jiao Mingfeng from Qingshan Village of Yushu City is holding firmly to his belief in Falun Dafa. In April of this year, because he refused to write "Repentance Letters," a team leader of the 1st Brigade directed a prisoner named Shi Lei to beat up Jiao Mingfeng brutally, causing him to become disabled and unable to take care of himself.

When they heard about the bad news, Jiao's family members came from Yushu City to Changchun City to visit him, but the labor camp wouldn't allow them to see him. The labor camp wanted to hide the terrible facts of the persecution so that they could be given the title of a "First Class Labor Camp."