Delivering Materials to the Library

A few days ago, I reached the city of Kening after passing through many different places to distribute Dafa materials there. First, I went to two secondary schools and gave them Dafa books and the truth-clarification materials. After that, with a great deal of effort I found a children's library. But unfortunately, the library was closed for the day. I came here from a hundred kilometers away. How could I just give up? I knocked on the big iron door, but nobody answered after several knocks. I had no choice but to leave. However, after moving away a few steps, I was still unwilling to give up and came back to knock at the door again.

At that moment, a woman in her fifties came to me from behind and asked: "What's the matter? The children's library is closed today." I said, "I come from Moscow. I want to give some materials to the library." She said, "I am the curator of the central library of the city. You can talk to me." Then I asked, "How many libraries are there in the city?" She answered, "There are seven: two for children and five for adults." "Could I leave the materials with you and ask you to deliver them to the libraries? Is that alright?" I asked. "No problem," she answered. I handed her eight copies of Falun Gong, Dafa newspapers and flyers.

As long as our heart is righteous, Master will help us do everything with more success than we may imagine.

A Ukrainian disciple learns the Chinese

I met a Ukrainian practitioner at a Fa Conference. He is a simple, compassionate and capable young man in his twenties. Having studied Chinese for merely three months, he has gradually become able to translate articles from Minghui.net [Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net] and even Master's new articles as well. This is a kind of phenomenon of "awakening to intelligence and awakening to wisdom" that can only emerge in Dafa. However, he still feels that it is very difficult from time to time as there are no Chinese people around him for consultation. He wants me to help him with synonyms. He said politely, "You may have some other more important things to do." I said, "You are working for Dafa, not for you yourself, aren't you? So, if you have anything that needs my help, that would be the most important thing to me. You don't have to be too modest."