Several days ago, I was at a tourist place, clarifying the truth to tourists from China. One of them talked with me for a long time. He felt sympathetic to the situation of Dafa practitioners and told me a story. His workplace's former Company Party Secretary is a Dafa practitioner. She went several times to Beijing with fellow practitioners to appeal, and was put in jail many times. Because she had a high social status and many friends, she did not have to suffer too much. But still, she was sent to a forced labor camp.

The tourist I talked with has been to the camp to visit her. He said that he felt that it was extremely unfair, as she had been sent to the camp by her company. An Assistant Secretary had wanted to be the Secretary for a long time and finally saw his chance. He helped put the Secretary in the labor camp and he became the Secretary himself. This reflects what a friend of hers had said, "Those who persecute Dafa practitioners are selfish and corrupt."

In this evil persecution, everyone is to establish their own position. Those who are kind choose the kind way, but the evil people would hit a person when he is down. Some advice to those who persecute Dafa practitioners: don't focus on some little momentary benefit and betray your conscience. By doing so, you will destroy your own future.