(Clearwisdom.net) From time to time we meet people with whom we have great of difficulty in clarifying the truth. To a genuine practitioner, each situation we encounter is a test. It is likely that the reactions we encounter are not simply the reactions of an ordinary human. The old forces are controlling behind the scenes. We must keep in mind that the persecution of Dafa is not a simple persecution of human beings. Free from the evil's restraint, people can easily understand the truth of the persecution. Therefore, in order to clarify the truth we must consider directing our words not only to a person's surface, but also to the "factors" behind him. Using only a "human" approach will be inadequate in dealing with the underlying elements.

Teacher stated in Zhuan Falun: "There is no constraint between this qi and that qi." Teacher also told us that only a "magnificent cultivator" could achieve the effect. "...if you have the intention of showing off, have ordinary human fears, or have impure thoughts, you won't be able to achieve the goal." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2001 Canada Fa Conference") True cultivation energy has boundless power and comes from our elevation in the Fa. Regardless to whom we are clarifying the truth, wherever we do, we must first regard ourselves as "great" practitioners. Otherwise, as soon as "human sentimentality" rears its head, the old-force beings will notice, and use every means to "attack" and create more tribulations. Therefore, in order to do even better, we must eliminate "human sentimentality" when clarifying the truth. Conducting ourselves in a calm, rational, peaceful, and compassionate manner, we are less likely to be moved by ordinary human thoughts, and this will have a better result. We should never argue. Further, we should use our wisdom to take advantage of their questions to talk about what we set out to clarify, and not reply just for the sake of answering their questions. Only then will we be immune to the effect of "human sentimentality." Of course this cannot be achieved all at once, as it requires our serious efforts to truly accomplish this objective. Let's continue to improve ourselves diligently through true cultivation.