(Clearwisdom.net) Today is the first day of the Minghui School in Japan. When I arrived at the class, the Chinese teacher was waiting at the door. Shortly after, parents and children joyfully arrived one after another. The number of children totaled 26. After sending forth righteous thoughts at 1:00 p.m., classes began. The first class is Chinese, learning Chinese Pinyin. The second class is studying the Fa. The third class is doing the exercises. The fourth class is experience sharing.

Learning Chinese Pinyin Studying the Fa áStudying the Fa
Doing the exercises Sharing experience

Currently we have two sections of students. I am in charge of one of them. I recognized some of the children from their Fa-study group, but several others were here for the first time. They seemed to be a bit restless, and wanted to say more and play for a longer time with their friends. I thought that since they were young and it was the first time for them to be in a group, why not let them be and see how things went. While we were preparing for doing sitting meditation, some of them wanted to spend a bit more time playing, so I agreed. Then I asked the rest of them to sit down and begin the meditation. When the exercise music began playing, the few newer ones did not join the group. Seeing the others begin to practice, I gently walked up to the few who had not joined the meditation and quietly said, "Sorry." I brought two of them over, and the third returned to the group by herself, without any complaints. I was very pleased to see this, as she knew how to correct herself.

While sharing experiences, the children were very active. They pointed out others' shortcomings, such as talking in class, or not listening to others' advice. I reminded them that Teacher tells us that cultivators should look within themselves, to be considerate of those that we criticize, and to correct our state of mind when we criticize others. The children were all quiet, and shortly a child said to everyone, "Sorry, my attitude is not good." I saw her facial expression appear more peaceful. Her peaceful reaction gave me confidence and encouragement. I said thanks to the little practitioners in my heart.