(Clearwisdom.net) October 16, 2002, Seattle -- As part of the "Rescue our family members" car tour, the west coast driving team set off from Seattle today.

At noon on October 16, 2002, practitioners from Seattle held a press conference at the Downtown Westlake Plaza. Seattle Post Intelligencer and Channel 15 TV station came to conduct on-site interviews. Three local Chinese newspapers conducted interviews via phone that day, and some of them published the news on the same day. At the press conference, practitioners read their statements calling on the public to extend their helping hands and to send out voices of justice to help secure the release of their family members from jails or forced labor "re-education" camps. In the meantime, the "Journey of Falun Dafa" photo exhibition was also held, which drew much attention from passersby.

The west coast family rescue team set off from Seattle and will pass through San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Phoenix. They will then join the rescue teams from other places along the way and will reach Texas on October 21 together.

A passer-by shows his concern while asking for information.

Rescue team member gives speech.
Collecting petition signatures. "Journey of Falun Dafa" photo exhibition.