(Clearwisdom.net) Corrupt officials from a town in Changyi City, Weifang District, Shandong province cruelly torture Falun Dafa practitioners. On July 20, 1999, they arrested Falun Dafa practitioners, then detained and tortured them in the office of family planning. Town officers Ming Zhaojiang (male, 35 year old, former director of the office of family planning, now the director of the 610 office), Yin Zhaojie (male, about 45 year old, staff member of the office of family planning), and Ma Po beat Falun Dafa practitioners Yu Shenghe, Wang Hongluo, Li Huiqiang, and others. They forced practitioners to stand or run circles on the roof of a building under the baking sun. Using threats, they tried to force practitioners to trample or sit on Teacher's portrait.

Falun Dafa practitioner Li Xiufen (female, 45 year old, resident of a Northeastern village) was arrested on October 12, 1999 because she went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa. She was locked in an iron cage for 24 hours at the Tiananmen police station, then sent to No. 13 prison of Beijing the next evening, where she was detained for 40 days. The police cruelly tortured her in an attempt to obtain her address. They beat her with sticks three times a day on her buttocks and legs, until the sticks were broken and her body was covered with purple bruises. Sometimes the sticks hit her hands, causing severe bleeding. They stripped off all her clothes except for her undergarments, and made her stand outside in the cold from 5 pm until 5 am. They punched her breasts, leaving them spotted purple and blue, and kept slapping her in the face. During the detention, she was sent to the mental hospital twice, where she received forced injections of drugs and electric shocks. She was kept in a room with mentally abnormal children for 4 days, then she was transferred back to No.13 prison of Beijing. While other prisoners were fed wheat bread, she was only given one small piece of corn bread two times a day. She was not allowed to sleep until after 12 am. She was under the surveillance of a dozen prisoners in turn, and forced to stand all day with no sleep at night, until she finally gave her address.

When Li Xiufen was taken back by the town police, policeman Zhai Jiantao seized her tricycle that was used for farm work and the 750Yuan (US$1 @ 8.6 Yuan) that he found while searching her home. The police forced her family to pay a 2000Yuan punitive "fine." She was tied to an "iron chair" for two days and two nights. Town officers Wei Tiankui (male, about 44 year old, former committee member of the town propaganda team, home address, Yijia Zhuangzi, Liuhe town), and Gong Zhiqiang (male, about 32 year old, secretary clerk to the town party secretary [the Party leader in the town]) took turns brutally beating her. Later, she was sent to a detention center, where a policeman with the last name of Gao read her newspapers which attacked Falun Dafa. She told him that these articles were lies. The police violently slapped her face. For practicing the Falun Dafa exercises, she was locked in a small bare cell, where she could only sleep on the floor. After 15 days in the small cell, she was taken to the office of family planning and locked up for three and a half days, sometimes cuffed to the door and sometimes to an electricity pole outside the town-building gate. Then she was detained in a small dark cell until February 1, 2000 when she was finally released.

Falun Dafa practitioners Yu Shenghe and LinYongshun went to Beijing to rectify the Fa. The corrupt police tortured Falun Dafa practitioners in many ways. Gong Zhiqiang and Ming Zhaojiang used a small steel spade to hit Yu Shenghe in the face until his nose and eyes were swollen. The police stripped off his clothing and used the buckle end of a belt and an electric cord to whip him until he collapsed on the ground. They forced him to stand up and whipped him repeatedly, breaking three belts. Both practitioners were forced to stand for two hours with an iron basin containing over 50lbs of bricks on their heads, leaving a big bump on their heads.

On February 15, 2002, the vice party secretary Liu Jiesong visited Li Xiufen's home and asked her if she still practiced Falun Gong. Because Li Xiufen responded: "I do!" she was arrested and taken to the office of family planning. The next day she was relentlessly tortured by Wei Tiankui, Gong Zhijie, Yin Zhaojie, Ming Zhaojiang, and more. Wei said: "An order issued by high level government says there is no limitation to the persecution of Falun Gong, and deaths due to torture can be counted as suicide." They tortured Li Xiufen and other practitioners with inhumane cruelty, placing heavy stones and wooden logs on their heads, forcing them to stand on ice and sharp stones, forcing them to hold ice chunks with both hands, kneel on logs, and crawl on the ground. They stabbed the practitioners' palms with sewing needles and forced them to stand for extended periods of time. If the practitioners refused to read articles slandering Falun Dafa, the corrupt officials would slap them and use belts to whip them in the face and on the back until they bled. They used their hands to chop at practitioners' necks, and caused practitioners' heads to collide by pulling their hair. Doing everything imaginable, they have exhausted the possibilities for cruel torture against practitioners. The most humiliating treatment is that the town leader falsely accused Li Xiufen and other Falun Dafa practitioners of refusing to give their share to a fund collected for community improvement. The practitioners, each wearing a degrading poster, were paraded on a wagon through the streets of each village in the town.

On April 10, 2000, Wei and Gong took practitioners Li Xiufen, Wang Lizheng, and Wang Yongshun to the second floor of the town building. They forced Li Xiufen to walk in a squatting position with a big log on her head, and forced Wang Lizheng to walk in a squatting position with a heavy stone on her head, beating them if they slowed their pace. On the third floor, Practitioner Lin Yongshun was hung from a wooden frame with his toes barely touching the ground. He suffered a whole day like this with no breaks.

At about 10 pm, Wei and Gong broke into the room where practitioners were sleeping and started kicking and punching them. The practitioners were forced out of their room wearing only their undergarments. That night, Wei and Gong relentlessly beat the practitioners as if they wanted to beat them to death, even kicking them on the temples with heavy leather boots. The practitioners were beaten so brutally that they rolled around the courtyard in pain. Gong Zhijie beat the practitioners one by one without exception. Wei Tiankui forced practitioner Yu Shenghe to climb 49 steps to the roof of the second floor with a violent kick at each step. Although Yu's arms and legs were bleeding, Wei further forced Yu to climb a metal frame to the third floor. Once Yu reached the top of the metal frame, he was forced to hold onto the metal frame with only his hands, while his feet dangled in the air and Wei tied them with a rope. When Yu could no longer hold on, and fell from the frame, Wei would pull the rope, causing Yu's body to fall flat on the ground. Practitioners Yu was severely injured, as this was repeated 5 to 6 times, but Wei still tortured him further. He forced Yu Shenghe to wear the "iron hat" upside down with a big stone in the hat, to walk the 49 steps down to the ground in a squatting position and to walk around the courtyard in the same posture. Gong tortured practitioner Zhai Xiuhua in the same way. Because she did not have enough strength to hold onto the metal frame, she fell down and fainted. Gong went so far as to beat her unconscious body, stopping only after Wei, afraid of being blamed for this hideous behavior, called someone to wake her.

Male and female practitioners were locked together in a dark room, where they had no place else to urinate and excrete. The next day, the practitioners were forced to clean the street in front of the town administration building for one month. Despite severe injury, Yu Shenghe was forced to clean the street with the help of a walking cane. The practitioners were detained for three months, and Wei and Gong forced them to write a "Guarantee Statement"(to stop practicing) and to pay unjustifiable fines before releasing them. Li Xiufen was fined 8000 Yuan, Yu Shenhe 2000 Yuan, Zhai Xiuhua 10,000 Yuan, Wang Lizheng 2000 Yuan, Wang Hongluo 3000 Yuan, and Lin Yongshun 2000 Yuan. In addition, Lin Yongshun's tricycle, worth about 7000 Yuan, Yu Shenhe's refrigerator, TV, motorcycle, radio, etc, and Li Xiufen's motor tricycle worth 8000 Yuan were confiscated.

On January 22, 2001 (around Chinese Lunar New Year), police took the practitioners to the town building once again. All three Li family members, Li Xiufen, Li Huiqiang and Li Jianlin, were taken to the Town building. Wei would call Teacher names and slander Falun Dafa whenever he entered the room. Li Jianlin asked him stop doing that, and Wei angrily slapped his mouth and face. Li's mouth bled, his cheeks swelled, and his teeth became loose. When Li Xianglian questioned how Wei could beat people like that, he began kicking her with heavy leather boots, beating her until her mouth bled, her eyes were purple and swollen, and she had a large purple lump on her head. To protest this treatment, the practitioners went on a 5-day hunger strike. The practitioners were then released but only for one day. They were arrested again and detained for another 4 months. During this detention, the focus was to forcibly "transform" practitioners. Guo Shunsheng deprived Li Xiufen of sleep, exposed her to the electric heater, and tied her to the "Tiger Bench. He forced her to drink dirty washing water from the sink while holding her nose, and tied her legs with ropes. Whenever she practiced Falun Dafa exercises, they would strike her on the temples, tie her legs to her neck, constrain her arms behind her back, gouge her armpits and deny her any food. The 6.10 Office detained her for one month in a room with a limited food supply and no bathroom. She told them: "It is not a crime to practice Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance and it does not violate any law!" Then she went on hunger strike. On the fifth day of her hunger strike, she was transferred to Changle Labor Camp. Because she could not pass the physical examination she was sent home.

On July 25, 2001, the town policeman Guan Guofeng and three other policemen arrested Li Xiufen again and took her to Lin Town 6.10 Office. In the night, Li jumped over the wall and escaped. Now she has become homeless. Around 9 pm on September 28, 2001, 7 or 8 town police came to her home and arrested her husband Li Huiqiang, took him to the police station, charged him with leading Li Xiufen away and detained him for 11 days. Hoping to arrest Li Xiufen, they continue to harass her relatives even now.

We hope that all practitioners can study the Fa well under difficult circumstances and pay great attention to sending forth righteous thoughts.