(Clearwisdom.net) There is a middle school in a city in Southern China with more than 2,500 students. One morning in late September, a student received a truth-clarifying letter. The letter was passed from one student to another, and ended up being read by many students. Later the letter was turned over to the teachers. By that afternoon, every student in the school knew about the letter, and they were talking about it in classrooms, gyms, and the cafeteria with excitement. One of the students said, "The Party did a lot of wrong things." Another student said, "I don't believe what has been said on TV. My uncle practices Falun Gong, and he treats people very well." Many students also told their parents what had happened in school after they went back home, and it made many more people think about the truth. The school later held an emergency meeting, so the entire faculty found out about the truth-clarifying letter.

The truth clarifying effect of such a simple letter was so powerful. It is a reflection of the power of Dafa and a reflection of Dafa disciples' wisdom!