(Clearwisdom.Net) I found out that when I am writing to clarify the truth to friends in Mainland China, the calmer I am, the clearer the letter becomes. Even if it's long-winded the readers still enjoy it; sometimes they can't even put it down. But when my mentality isn't right, or if I think, "Even though I've told them so much, they still don't understand," or, "Why are human beings so unwise as to say such blasphemous things about Dafa"-- then the letter becomes pointless and I lose my ideas, which results in the reader being unable to accept what I have to say.

Luckily, I don't know when it began, but now I can calmly face the words from the everyday people and my mind isn't affected by them. I learned that, actually, the reason we have to clarify the truth is because people don't know it yet. What can we expect from people who have been fooled by the lies? When people are filled with lies, we can't expect them to speak as someone who knows the truth.

We should not get in conflicts with people due to our own attachments or because some people said things that we do not like. People who do not know the truth are the real victims, and the most unfortunate people in the world. We should strive to understand them, then use the compassion that we have derived from Dafa to truly save them.