I met practitioner "H" at a practice site in 1997. I remember once that we were on the way to the practice site, and he picked up broken glass from the ground so other pedestrians would not be hurt. He was a young university graduate and had a very respectable job. Besides his good salary, there were many things that he could have taken advantage of to advance his personal interests in the way of gaining extra money or benefits, but since practicing Dafa, he chose not to capitalize on those situations. One day, his workgroup got extra money this way. The group split several thousand Yuan amongst themselves, but he refused his share. The team leaders were angered by his upright behavior. They were so jealous and nervous that they dispatched him to a distant workplace with poor working conditions. Often, the employees with a conscience who refuse to get involved with corrupt supervisors are treated as "troublemakers" by their bosses.

One day in an early winter, I ran into him. Since July 20, 1999, he had been to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong three times. Each time, he had been detained and brutally tortured, but he went onwards without any fear. He had joined with other practitioners to do Falun Gong exercises in Tiananmen Square. Soon after that, the police dragged them into police cars one by one. After the police threw him to a police van, a policeman used his fists to forcefully beat "H". "H" was all right, but the policeman's hands were hurt. When he was locked in a cell in Qianmen Police Station, he said to those prisoners, "I was detained because I did Falun Gong exercises in public. Since I did not finish the exercises outside, I will continue to do them here." Then, he began to practice the exercises. The prisoners told him that he could not practitioner the exercises, because the guards had asked them to watch him but he just ignored them. The guards then transferred him to another cell where the inmates started to beat him, but he nonetheless continued to do the exercises. Seeing that the cell could not change him, the guards put him into another cell where the prisoners were much fiercer. An inmate threatened him, "You were able to practice the exercises in other cells, but not here in this cell. If you dare to violate our rules, you will feel what we call the 'three strokes'." He was not affected by these words and continued to do the exercises. The inmate punched him in his abdomen three times with full strength, but practitioner H kept his exercise pose and did not fall down to the ground. The inmate was somewhat shocked and said to him, "You are a great man. We will tell the guards that you are free to do the exercises in this cell."

Torture did not move him a bit. He said, as long as he still has one breath left, he would keep on studying the Fa, assisting Teacher to rectify the Fa and clarifying the truth to people. Because of the Jiang regime's persecution of Falun Gong, he was fired from his job, and his wife was forced to divorce him. Not long after he was released from the detention center, he went to find some temporary work to make a living. The money he earned was not much, but he spent almost all of it making materials to clarify the truth to people. He stood in the downtown business area to distribute flyers, he sat in trains to pass flyers through the windows to the people on the platforms, and he went out to write "Falun Dafa is Good" in the streets. He told me that when people slandered Teacher and Dafa so viciously and fiercely, in such an evil way, he felt a great pain deep in his heart. He decided to save some money to go to Beijing and speak for Falun Gong again.

Two years later, I saw him again. He had just been released from a forced labor camp where he apparently had been severely tortured. He walked awkwardly with small steps; the hair on his head was all cut off; there were several bumps on the head; and one of his cheekbones was wounded and distorted. He was very happy when I gave him Teacher's new articles of "The Net is Tightening" and "Be Clearheaded." He had been very determined in the forced labor camp, and so had been brutally tortured by the police. The police had used nylon rope to tie his arms from the wrists up, round and round. The rope was pulled tight, then both of his arms were twisted behind his back, and his hands were tied together. The police forcefully kicked his hands and beat his shoulders. One of his ribs was broken under the torture and stabbed towards his heart, nicking it. He lost consciousness numerous times during the torture. He told the police who tortured him that Falun Dafa is good and that he would never give up. He had been tortured to the verge of death. The police lied to his family about what they did to him, and asked his family to take him out of the forced labor camp. Dafa's mighty power manifested in him. Two days earlier he was crippled, but already he could walk well, without a cane.

The Fa rectification stories about him are so touching that I cannot put all of them down on just one or two pages. I asked him to write down his experiences. When I got the article from him, to my surprise, he did not mention a word about his suffering or achievements. He condensed all he had experienced into a few pages of statements. When I read the article, I see a heart being so brutally tortured and suffering, yet unshakably devoted to Teacher and Dafa.