(Minghui.org) Currently the evil beings are in the midst of their final struggles, and in the human dimension, the evil beings of certain areas are acting quite rampant and cruel. Jiang is even planning to make a visit to the North America area in mid to late October, where there is a concentration of overseas Dafa disciples. This has provoked serious thought from many practitioners, and many Dafa disciples have sprung into action to clarify the truth and send forth righteous thoughts, using pure, righteous thoughts to purge the evil that is manipulating people of the world. But some practitioners who have not studied the Fa deeply do not have sufficiently strong righteous thoughts when faced with difficulty. They have a feeling of helplessness, feeling that the evil force is too powerful and questioning how much effect their own righteous thoughts can exert. Obstructed by these human notions, they are passively awaiting the arrival of the mighty current of Fa-rectification. There are also Dafa disciples who understand the effect of righteous thoughts, but because they temporarily cannot see the direct results, they do not know just how powerful their righteous thoughts are. So while busy with specific projects and matters at hand, they often consciously or unconsciously overlook sending forth righteous thoughts. There are still practitioners who feel that after all, they are clarifying the truth or doing things to clarify the truth, so they are unable to look at using righteous thoughts to purge the evil from an overall perspective and unable to take it as their own duty.

I. The fundamental nature of the evil's frenzy

Currently the evil beings in Mainland China are truly behaving quite rampantly, but in reality the knowing side of everyday people realize how to correctly treat cultivators, so they do not dare to do anything to Dafa cultivators. The persecution is all originating from the evil controlling people in this world from other dimensions. Precisely because the evil is being eliminated in large quantities from other dimensions by Dafa disciples' pure righteous thoughts, the very few that are remaining can see their own doom, so they have become more and more rampant. Some take it even further -- in order to maximize their own effect some wicked, rotten demons have extracted the Primordial Spirits from many vicious policemen and wicked guards in Mainland China's forced labor camps. They then inhabit the remaining human skins to directly persecute Dafa and Dafa disciples. Over the course of history, for beings in other dimensions to directly control and use human bodies is very terrifying for humans. This is conduct that is not even allowed under the laws of the old universe, so the demons wearing human skins are often destroyed by the heavens by things such as lightning or thunderbolts. But for Dafa disciples they're nothing noteworthy, because "one righteous mind can subdue one hundred evils," even though these wicked fiends and rotten demons are hiding in the bodies left behind by the vicious policemen and wicked guards, and they are "physically eliminating" Dafa disciples, and ordinary people cannot see them, when Dafa disciples target them with powerful, pure righteous thoughts, they will be disintegrated very quickly.

Another special situation is that while Dafa disciples' sending forth righteous on an individual basis and as a whole all over the world has produced an enormous effect, and large quantities of evil have been directly purged from other dimensions, some evil have gone underground to avoid being eliminated by Dafa disciples' sending forth righteous thoughts, hoping to preserve and regenerate their strength. Regarding these [evil elements] that have already committed crimes against Dafa, Dafa disciples and people of the world, that continue to resist Fa-rectification yet want to escape somehow, we should also use righteous thoughts to continue to eliminate them with determination.

The boundless cosmos has countless beings, and only the Dafa disciples in the human realm are qualified to participate in Fa-rectification, "Dafa disciples are now sentient beings' only, sole hope for salvation." ("Righteous Thoughts") So many Fa-guardians and higher divine beings are guarding the Fa for the Dafa disciples and assisting in the battle -- for Dafa disciples to use righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil is their undeniable responsibility. In order to lessen the damage brought about to Dafa disciples by the evil beings, (whether those who have fallen down due to forced brainwashing, were injured or killed by torture, or those who are unable to carry out their mission of offering salvation to sentient beings after being imprisoned), and the losses by people of the world (deceived, intimidated, or confused by lies, they misunderstand or even look at Dafa with hostility, doing bad things to Dafa in their ignorance), all Dafa disciples facing the rampaging evil should do so with the divine might of future guardians of the cosmos, eliminating the evil using pure righteous thoughts with determination. We should fully put to use the power of righteous thoughts, "your mind has to be absolutely clear and rational, the force of your thoughts needs to be focused and strong, with an air of supremacy and of destroying all evil in the cosmos." ("Righteous Thoughts")

II. The evil mobilizing in full force is a great opportunity to eradicate it

During the trips to Germany and Eastern Europe, many of our practitioners' righteous thoughts were not sufficient and a large percentage of practitioners did not really participate in those two evil-elimination battles that were closely linked to the bigger picture. Moreover, many practitioners experienced external interference and did not truly put the power of their righteous thoughts to full use. At the final stage of Fa-rectification, Jiang has already prepared for several months for this trip to America. Apart from more intensively using his overseas bribery tactics on an even wider scale in this dimension, in other dimensions, the evil rotten demons, in order to protect him, will inevitably mobilize in full force. During this opportune time, if all the Dafa disciples around the world can steadfastly use righteous thoughts to destroy all at once this horde of rotten demons that violate the principles of the cosmos and control people to do bad things, then the evil's doomsday will arrive. During this time, each and every day is very important. Thus, this time we must learn our lessons from the trips to Germany and to Eastern Europe and quickly recognize and dispel all forms of internal and external interference, study the Fa well, hurry and clarify the truth in a focused way, and, at the same time, more effectively send forth righteous thoughts according to the explanation given by Master in the article "Righteous Thoughts." In the battle to eliminate the evil that is linked to the overall picture of the progress of Fa-rectification, every Dafa disciple is a protagonist and the responsibility cannot be taken on by anyone else. Every disciple around the world should let the gong and divine powers that he or she sends forth achieve their greatest impact.

III. Using pure mind intent to cleanse one's every thought and every notion is very important

In addition, at the same time that we send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the external evil, we must also clean out "your own problems" ("Righteous Thoughts") and allow our every thought and notion to assimilate into the Fa. Recall that in the story of Sakyamuni, it is said that before he came down here, he had already talked it over with the many gods in the heavens and that he himself arranged his cultivation path in the human realm. In remembering this, we will have to some extent understand the relationship between the old forces and Dafa disciples. Apart from those high level beings at various levels whom we used to know, before we had attained the Fa and started cultivating, we Dafa disciples were also going along with the old forces' arrangements and were manipulated by the old forces (at that point Master had not yet begun Fa-rectification and the old forces at the time had not yet become the evil forces bent on disrupting Master's Fa-rectification, but their ideas had already undergone deviation and the arrangements they made and the arrangements they implemented all had the deviated old principles as their standard, which is different from Master's Fa-rectification standards). After cultivating, the various degenerated notions, thoughts and material substances that we Dafa disciples contain that do not conform to the requirements of the Fa; i.e. things that every one of us Dafa disciples needs to eliminate through cultivation, are all directly related to the old forces.

When we have not done things in accordance with Zhen, Shan, Ren, such as when, in the midst of something, we are attached to something we ourselves want to do or use ordinary human attachments to jump to conclusions about a fellow practitioner or an everyday person, isn't that unkind heart actually the same as the excuse of helping Dafa disciples to upgrade as expressed by the old forces? Or, for example, we can ask ourselves, do we believe in Dafa and believe in Master 100% of the time in the face of any conflict, or do we insist that only we are correct when we encounter something we are attached to like the old forces do? In the midst of conflict, do we sometimes only want to change others and do not want to change ourselves? Isn't all of this precisely the degeneration and deviation that was brought over from the old universe? The various levels of the universe correspond to each other, so what manifests in the human realm as our flaws and mistakes is, at high levels, a part of the old forces that obstruct Fa-rectification. Today if some disciple improves in some aspect, then reflecting above to high level dimensions, some old forces will have been eliminated and, within the range of our original cosmic dimension, some sentient beings will have been saved.

In conclusion, it is hoped that our fellow practitioners the world over will be of one mind and will work with our hearts together to form an indestructible unified body and at this special historical moment in the course of Fa-rectification, use a strong will and righteous thoughts to break through the interference and repression of our thoughts by the evil from other dimensions, and use righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil, manifesting the power of every Dafa disciple as fully as possible. Let us all remember Master's words and be encouraged by them: "To reduce the losses, and to save sentient beings, put your Dafa disciples' powerful righteous thoughts to full use! Show your Mighty Virtue!" ("Righteous Thoughts")