(Clearwisdom.net) With great efforts by practitioners from Sweden, the United States, Canada, Norway and Australia, "the Exhibition of Falun Gong Photos and Chinese Traditional Paintings" was successfully held in the city hall of Iceland's capital. On September 30, before boarding the plane, a Norwegian practitioner and I went to the Presidential Office to clarify the truth about Falun Gong to the President. It was a rainy and chilly day, but it cleared up all of a sudden. In the sunshine, we walked towards the Presidential Office. Upon our arrival at the stairs in front of the Presidential Office, we happened to come across two gentlemen coming out of the door. Seeing they were very different from any others, one of us asked, "Are you the President?" One of the gentlemen replied with a smile, "Yes, you are right."

When he was kindly shaking hands with us, we told him about why we'd come to see him. Then we handed him a letter along with truth-clarifying photos, VCD's and other materials. He accepted them and shook hands with us again. He expressed his appreciation to us and said that he would read the materials carefully.

With practitioners' kindness and cooperation, the photo exhibition was very successful. Though Iceland is a tiny country with a small population, there were still several hundred people coming to the exhibition hall everyday. Among the visitors were parliament members, government officials, attorneys, professors and others from all walks of life, including Chinese officials and the tourists from China and other countries around the world.

After the exhibition was over, we expressed our sincere appreciation to the government officials at all levels for their kind assistance and support for Falun Gong. We were especially grateful to them for their sponsorship for this photo exhibition and ignoring the pressure and interference from the Chinese Embassy. An Icelandic official said, "Don't worry, we are in Iceland, not China. We have our own dignity and right to freedom."