When Falun Gong practitioner Zhang Haiduo was kidnapped and sent to Tangshan Forced Labor Camp, Gao Yongjin was the Chief Instructor of the Sixth Team, to which Zhang was assigned. From the following experiences that Zhang Haiduo has endured in the Sixth Team of this labor camp, we can see that the so-called "educating, salvaging and reforming Falun Gong practitioners" boasted of by Jiang's regime, is just a mask covering their evildoings. What they are actually doing is deceiving, threatening and torturing practitioners.

On February 7, 2002, Zhang Haiduo was sent to the Tangshan Labor Camp. Because he protested the order to stand facing a wall issued by an inmate on duty, he suffered inhuman torture and barbarous beating on his first day there. Five or six inmates dragged him to the chief officer's office. Under the order of chief officer Wang Yulin, who has been rewarded as a provincial level "Advanced Policeman," these inmates forcibly took off all of Zhang's clothes, pushed him down on the floor and tied both of his hands behind his back with water-soaked nylon ropes. They then repeatedly shocked his lower jaw, upper body, inner sides of both thighs, and even his penis with electric batons while simultaneously pouring water on his body. They also continuously tightened the ropes that tied his arms and hands. Afraid of his arms being disabled due to being bound by tightened ropes for a long period of time, they loosened the ropes once and dragged Zhang to another room. Two inmates on duty continued kicking his thighs. They then tightened the ropes and also stabbed a sharp piece of metal into his fingers. At that moment, both Zhang Haiduo's hands and legs were completely numb and he lost consciousness.

The next day they continued torturing him with the same extremely barbarous means. During the following month, in order to transform Zhang, they assigned people to talk to him every day. Those talks usually lasted until 2:00 or 3:00 AM so that Zhang could only sleep for 2 or 3 hours every day. Every morning he was forced to get up at 5:00 AM and go to the "Strict Control Class." He was forced to sit on a specially made, 6.5-inch wide seat, with his hands behind him and his back straight all the time. According to the chief officer's order, Zhang was not allowed to sleep while he was sitting; otherwise he would be violently kicked and beaten by police or inmates. They limited his time for using the restroom. They limited his meals and only gave him water twice a day.

Though he faced such brutal persecution, Zhang never gave up his belief and he went on a hunger strike to protest their torture. The labor camp increased their persecution during his hunger strike. Police officers in the Sixth Team used various ways of persecuting Zhang including deception, threats, torture, beatings, and locking him in a small cell. Although Zhang was very weak after a few days of hunger strike, they still kept him cuffed on a bed board with both hands and ankles tied to the bedposts so that he was unable to move his body at all. Then police officers Wang Yulin and Li Xiaosong told inmates to beat Zhang's arms and thighs with wooden batons. Some inmates even repeatedly trampled on him. Both Zhang's legs were swollen so severely that he was unable to walk, and even a gentle touch would be extremely painful. Inmates on duty also burned his fingers and toes by burning papers placed between them. There were about 11 burns on his fingers and toes. In this way, he was cuffed for two days and a night the first time. The second time, he was cuffed for three days and nights; during these three days, the rubber tube used for force-feeding was kept in his nose all the time. The inmate on duty was allowed to force-feed him at will with highly concentrated salt water.