(Clearwisdom.net) In 2001, in an effort to capture practitioner Li Kun, the mayor of Maoming offered 30,000 yuan for Li's arrest in addition to the 10,000 yuan offered by the director of the Poxin Detention Center. Their plan ended in vain. On December 28, they mobilized many police officers to surround Li's home - his house was surrounded so closely that no one could get through. They also went to the homes of his sister and sister-in-law but were unable to find Li.

On January 4, four practitioners, Wu Jingchen, Li Kun, Li Xinhua and Liu Jianzong, were kidnapped at a site where truth clarifying materials were being produced. The site was destroyed and the loss was significant. The families were informed one week after the practitioners were arrested; however, they were not allowed to see the practitioners when they tried to visit them in prison.

The court also did not inform the families of the trial date. An inside source revealed the date to some practitioners, so on the day of the trial, several practitioners and their family members were able to sit in the courtroom. All four practitioners appeared to have been brutally tortured, but they safeguarded Dafa with awe-inspiring righteousness. Wu Jincheng clarified the truth to the judge directly. The judge was so angry that he slapped the table trying to stop Wu from speaking, but Wu continued to clarify the truth. In the end, none of the four practitioners signed the papers renouncing Falun Gong and the court had to adjourn. So far, there has been no news of how the practitioners were finally sentenced. They have all been detained in the Maoming Police Station for over six months.

The telephone number of the office in the Maomin Court is 0668-2288132. The head of the court is Yang Haixing. The telephone number of the Maoming "610 Office" is 0688-2951539. The director of the Poxin Detention Center is Zhou Ming, who can be reached at 0688-2650310.