Feedback 1:

After reading the article published on Clearwisdom.net entitled, "Clear the Field through Clarifying the Truth and Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts," some practitioners realized that we should pay full attention to this opportunity to eliminate the evil in other dimensions. Moreover, the targeted time frame for sending forth righteous thoughts should not only be limited to the few days when Jiang is visiting the United States. It should start a few days earlier; better yet, it should start now! For the evil forces to survive, they must go and "arrange the field" ahead of Jiang's arrival in the U.S. According to what we have learned, their preparations in the U.S. have been going on for several months. If we wait until Jiang's arrival to start sending forth righteous thoughts, we may have to spend a lot of time eliminating the surrounding evil field and may not achieve the effect we expected.

Therefore, we suggest that disciples try everything possible to start paying full attention to sending forth righteous thoughts regarding Jiang's visit to the U.S. You can do this according to your own convenience. We can try one of the following two starting from now:

1) During the daytime, send forth righteous thoughts for 5 minutes on the top of each hour.

2) Follow the existing schedule of sending forth righteous thoughts, but extend the 5 minute duration to 15 minutes, twice a day.

A Practitioner in Mainland China:

Do not be attached to time, do not be attached to results, and do not just wait while doing nothing.

After learning of the "42 months" mentioned by our Teacher, some practitioners here did not understand it from the Fa and started to develop an attachment to time. Even some contact persons start to openly talk about this point with practitioners. Thus, some practitioners who did not have a deeper understanding of the Fa started to wait [for Consummation] and became unwilling to do more truth-clarifying work. Such an attachment may very likely become an obstacle to the overall Fa-rectification. Therefore, through Clearwisdom.net, we would like to awaken practitioners to the importance of studying the Fa well, to start immediately clarifying the facts and sending forth righteous thoughts, to not be attached to time, and to just do what you should do.

Those practitioners who are attached to time but are unwilling to do truth-clarifying work should consider: every minute during the Fa-rectification is what our Teacher has left for Dafa disciples. This time is left to us so that we can continue to raise our levels and save sentient beings. Thinking about the identity and mission of Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples, we must strive to do our best.

Practitioners who are attached to time and pursue specific results should think about what our Teacher said, to "Do but pursue not, Often stay in the Dao." ["In the Dao", Master Li's collection of poems, Hongyin, unofficial translation]. If we just use every minute that we have in order to do well what we should, the results that should be achieved will be achieved. Conversely, let's not be like the student who wanted to go to college but was not admitted because he did not focus on preparing for his classes.

Some other practitioners think that there is no need for us to do anything, as our Teacher will do these things, and that all we need to do is wait for the good news. It is our opinion that these kinds of thoughts are not based on the Fa, and that this is a manifestation of lacking righteous thoughts. Our Teacher does many crucial and determining things, but we, too are in the midst of things that we must do well and we must cultivate ourselves. Practitioners should not treat Fa-rectification as a job.