Solemn Declaration

I was illegally detained for clarifying the truth in my town in December 2000, and was sent to the 5th team of a Forced Labor Camp in February 2001. All my team members were Dafa practitioners. We were often beaten badly, sometimes to the extent that the leather belt would break. Jailors would evaluate the beatings given Dafa practitioners, and compete with one another, each trying to outdo the others in how viciously the practitioners were beaten. I was transferred to the 3rd team in April. They took small groups of Dafa practitioners to a place far away from the cells where we could secretly be beaten and tortured. The Labor Camp Chief, the Political Commissar, the police on duty, armed police, and doctors all took part. They force-fed Dafa practitioners with dirty salt water, shocked with electric current, and kicked and pulled the hair of practitioners. A dozen of them surrounded me and beat me together. One of the torturers grabbed my hand and forced me to make a fingerprint. I tore apart that piece of paper. I was beaten four or five times that night and the following half-day. After being continuously beaten and tortured, I was brainwashed, and was forced to write the so-called "Repentance Statement" [A statement to acknowledge remorse for practicing Falun Gong, to give up Falun Gong, and to never again associate with people who practice Falun Gong and/or go to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong.] I did it unwillingly. It was by no means what I truly wanted to do.

I am solemnly declaring null and void all I did against Dafa in the Forced Labor Camp. I will follow Teacher closely, steadfastly cultivate Dafa, make up the loss with double efforts and catch up with the process of Fa rectification.

Dafa practitioner Li Yunmei September 2002

(Translated on Oct 9, 2002 from an edited version of


Solemn Declaration

I have experienced significant improvement physically and spiritually since I started practicing Falun Gong in 1997. My various stubborn diseases disappeared without using any medicine. Falun Dafa saved me and gave me a second life. However, a few leaders of the government started the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. I clarified the truth to the government and related departments, but in return I received a half-year's detention, a fine of over 10,000 yuan [the average monthly salary of an urban worker in China is 500 yuan] and my salary being held back. The "610 Office" [an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.] and Public Security Bureau have decreed we must write a "Guarantee Statement" [A statement to declare that he or she is remorseful for practicing Falun Gong and guarantees not to practice Falun Gong again, not to go to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong, and never again associate with any Falun Dafa practitioners.]. Without writing a "Guarantee Statement," we would not be released. Because my righteous thoughts weren't strong enough, I unwillingly wrote some words that were disrespectful to Dafa and Teacher. Although I had done something that from the bottom of my heart I did not want to do, I nevertheless made a stain on my path of cultivation. I am solemnly declaring void all I said and wrote against Dafa and Teacher. I will be a true practitioner and make up the loss I caused to Dafa.

Dafa practitioner Xiong Qiuling October 1, 2002

(Translated on Oct 9, 2002 from an edited version of http://www.minghui.ca/mh/articles/2002/10/3/37423.html)


Solemn Declaration

Helped by Teacher's tremendous compassion, I have finally denied from the bottom of my heart the Dafa-harming wrong path arranged by the old forces that I had taken. I am solemnly declaring void and invalid all of the following: what I said and wrote against Dafa in the Forced Labor Camp, the "Five Statements" [Note: these are documents coerced under extreme pressure, torture and brainwashing, designed by the Chinese authorities to ensure that detained Falun Gong practitioners are appropriately brain-washed] my signature on the so-called "Agreement to Assist in Brainwashing" when I was released, the comments I made to other practitioners trying to seduce them onto an evil path, the thoughts I had in which I stood opposite Dafa, and any words and conduct harming Dafa and conforming with the old forces' arrangements. I completely deny the arrangements of the old force with righteous thoughts and righteous actions. I am now on the righteous way of Fa rectification, which I should have been on all along! I will make up the loss I caused to Dafa with double efforts.

Fa Xifen Auguest 16, 2002

(Translated on Oct 9, 2002 from an edited version of http://www.minghui.ca/mh/articles/2002/10/4/37479.html)