Falun Dafa practitioners of Brimbank were invited to perform and demonstrate the exercises at the largest local shopping center again on October 12, 2002

Reporter from "The Advocate" newspaper interviewing local Falun Dafa practitioners Crowds of people taking truth-clarification flyers
Little practitioner demonstrating meditation exercises Exercise Demonstration on the stage accompanied by Lotus Dance Warmhearted musicians volunteer to perform for Falun Gong practitioners

On June 18 2002, the local newspaper of Brimbank city published an article entitled "Brimbank Supports Falun Gong's Endeavors." The reporter (not a practitioner) introduced the principles of Falun Dafa, the persecution in China and how Jiang's regime has extended the persecution to Australia.

The article mentioned that the Mayor of Brimbank also received slanderous materials from Jiang's regime. The Mayor, Cr. Andres Puig, stated that he was very happy to see Falun Gong practitioners doing the exercises in this city. He also attended the Brimbank Falun Dafa Day celebration in person and gave a speech that confirmed the Falun Dafa principles "Truth Compassion Tolerance" is valuable to world peace, has contributed to cultural diversity in Australia, and has positive health benefits to local residents. The celebration was held in the largest shopping center in the area and many audience members wanted the practitioners to perform and demonstrate the exercises again.

The manager of the shopping center called the Falun Dafa practitioner again a few weeks later. He said many local people read the newspaper article and others had watched the performance at the shopping center. They wanted the practitioners to give a performance again. The practitioners were very moved by the invitation and they decided to give another performance on October 12 (Saturday) to join the weeklong activity to support the refugees.

People were smiling and happy to see our performance and exercises demonstration. When we were too busy, people would pick up the flyers and introductory materials by themselves. Two musicians at the activity were moved by the practitioners and came to perform a famous melody for Falun Dafa practitioners who were doing the meditation.

Another large local newspaper sent a reporter to the event to interview the Brimbank Falun Dafa practitioners.