I began practicing Falun Dafa together with my mom in 1996. Due to insufficient Fa study, however, I was moved by the evil forces and enlightened along an evil path. When the teachers in my school asked us to sign a statement promising to "break away" from Dafa, I thought this was only a formality to show to everyday people and signed my name on the statement, though I didn't like it in my mind at the time. Now I realize that I made a serious mistake and let down our great Teacher who offers salvation to us with great compassion. I hereby make a solemn declaration: from now on, I will try to be a qualified Dafa practitioner. All of my previous signatures that didn't conform to Dafa were due to pressure from the evil forces. They were not signed with my rational will and thus are all null and void.


Dafa practitioner: Zhuan Xianglong

Written on July 21, 2002