(Clearwisdom.net) Late in the year 2000, after someone reported me unfairly to the authorities, I was chased by police. The police could not find me either at my schoolmate's or my relative's homes, so they took away my elder sister by force, and detained her in the police department for 7 days, under 24 hour surveillance. Every day they interrogated her in order to learn my whereabouts. In the end, my sister went on a hunger strike for 3 days and the police had to send her home.

Later while my sister was paying her phone bill, the receipt showed an extra 6 Yuan fee. My sister asked the representative, "What is this 6 Yuan fee? Why was it not there before?" The representative gave it some thought and said, "You may ask the chief." My sister found the bureau chief, who, under my sister's righteous words, answered, "We have no choice, this is the fee we are required to charge for monitoring your phone by the police. Talk to the police department chief." When she found the police department chief, the chief completely denied all knowledge about the monitoring fee. In fact, the chief challenged, "If the telecommunications bureau chief said so, go get a validation letter." When she went back to telecommunications bureau, the bureau chief had changed his story and claimed, "The 6 Yuan fee was a mistake made by the service people." He informed the staff to cancel the fee.

Back home my sister checked the phone bill receipts of my father's and younger sister's homes and discovered there was also this 6 Yuan fee on both of those bills.