A drop of water will never dry up when it is fluid in the ocean; a piece of leaf will remain green and succulent when the tree's roots are well watered and thriving; a practitioner will become a particle of the Dafa of the Universe only when he melts himself into the Fa.

If it is the right course, one should persist in it no matter what the loss; if it is wrong one should discard it no matter what benefit it may promise.

A demon can only bully human beings; it can never move a God.

One will enjoy more freedom when he can let go of more attachments; one will possess absolute freedom when he can do away with all his attachments in his cultivation.

Walking home on a dirty night, I ignored the rain of blood, the foul wind, the deep darkness of the night, the wailing of ghosts and goblins in my ears, and the fetters of thistles and thorns on my feet. I feared no death, as I have seen the lamplight from my distant home and heard the calling from my waiting father.