(Clearwisdom.net) With regard to the issue of sending forth righteous thoughts, sometimes we still have some confusion. For example, if we cannot send forth righteous thoughts in close proximity, then can our righteous thoughts still be that powerful? Or when we are not in a good state of cultivation, we have doubts as to whether we still have the strength to eliminate the evil. Some practitioners raised this question: On the Internet, so much evil persecution is exposed, and it was suggested that practitioners who read these articles send forth righteous thoughts to help practitioners in those particular areas. However, there are so many places needing help. How can we adequately address them all?

Several days ago, after coming into tranquility while sending forth my righteous thoughts, the Earth faintly appeared in front of my eyes. It was as small as a ping pong ball, and the entire three realms were seen to be the size of a basketball. When I raised the palm of my right hand, I saw that the three realms were completely filled with gong that was extremely dense and intensely shining, a hundred times brighter than the noonday Sun. The entire Earth was completely surrounded by the gong. The dark, evil dens on the Earth, such as the forced labor camps, detention centers and brainwashing classes, were just like tiny dark holes, the no bigger than the eye of a needle. At that moment, the gong was just like thunder breaking through the dark holes and flooding their insides. During the whole process of sending forth righteous thoughts, the appearance was magnificent beyond description. After I came out of ding [a state of empty, yet conscious mind], I enlightened to the fact that I had been allowing myself to be bound by this or that old notion, and that I had not believed in the power of my own righteous thoughts. I neglected the fact that I was a disciple of the Lord of Buddhas. I am a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple. I am a god who towers in the heavens with dignity, and so I am most righteous.

At that moment, I gained a new understanding of sending forth righteous thoughts, both from afar and within close proximity, and also of sending forth righteous thoughts toward a particular area. I also believe that we can have the power to eliminate the evil in the surrounding area whenever we send forth our righteous thoughts, as per the suggestion made by fellow practitioners on the Internet.

This is my personal enlightenment. Please correct it with compassion if there is anything improper.