Staff members of the Zhangshi Forced Labor Camp in Shenyang City recently spent 5,000 Yuan [Chinese currency, the monthly salary for an average Chinese urban worker is about 500 Yuan] to purchase 120,000 volt electric shock batons; the batons are specifically used to torture Falun Dafa practitioners. The camp officials created a torture team within the No.4 camp group; they appointed more than 10 criminal thugs to do their dirty work. The team of thugs is headed by Wang Fuyu, and some of the other criminals are Chai Bingxin, Li Bo, Zhang Bin, Wang Weibing, Lin Yongle, and Po Zhenjiang. When practitioners are thrown into room 401 (a room for secretly torturing Falun Dafa practitioners), the thugs shout and bellow that even if the practitioners don't end up dead while in the room, they will be dying by the time they leave. Now, there are eight Falun Dafa practitioners being closely watched by these scoundrels.

On April 25th 2002, the No.4 group leader, Yang Shu, led a gang of criminals to torture practitioner Wang Jinmin. They used brutal, violent methods, such as electric baton shocks, to torture him for four days. They attempted to humiliate him by forcing him to wear a prison uniform.

On May 7th, from the No.3 group, officer Gao Guangchen, group leader Wang Yong, group leader assistant Zhang Hongda and correctional center assistant Guan Feng, accompanied by several criminals, tortured practitioners Zhang Zhenmu and Chen Song. They stripped them, handcuffed them (by way of pulling one hand above the shoulder and shackling it with the other hand diagonally across the back) and used more than 20 electric batons to shock them during an entire morning.

On May 9th, camp staff and inmate thugs again tortured Falun Dafa practitioner Li Manxin. On May 16th, they transferred Li Manxin to the "reformation team," where he was deprived of sleep for 18 days. Next, Li was sent to No.4 team, and he is now under close surveillance. There, each day, steadfast Falun Dafa practitioners endure inhuman living conditions.

Currently, practitioner Qi Xiangrong, who had been kidnapped and taken to the Shenyang City Dabei Jail Hospital, began a hunger strike on July 20th, 2002. He has been on the hunger strike for more than 50 days, and the hospital officials do not allow his relatives to visit him. His situation is very urgent.

We hope that Falun Dafa practitioners who see this news will send forth righteous thoughts, eliminate evil influences from other dimensions that manipulate people to persecute practitioners, deny the old forces' arrangements, and help Qi Xiangru and other imprisoned practitioners to hold onto their righteous thoughts, so that they might leave the evil place as soon as possible.

Originally posted on September 17 2002