During the Israel Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference, Maariv, one of the most influential newspapers in Israel, interviewed a practitioner from Australia, Ms. Dai Zhizhen and her daughter Fadu. Later, using two whole pages, the newspaper reported the story of Dai's family, describing how cultivating Falun Dafa had benefited the family and how the Jiang regime's persecution caused the deaths of Ms. Dai's husband and her father-in-law. The article also provided some introduction to Falun Dafa.

When the newspaper reporter tried to ask the Chinese Embassy for comments, the spokesperson of the Embassy threatened the reporter, "You must not publish the article, otherwise, you will encounter serious problems." Upholding the freedom of speech, the reporter, who has a sense of justice, not only published the article, but also recounted his experience of being threatened by the Chinese Embassy.