(Clearwisdom.net) My entire family steadfastly practices Falun Dafa. Since the evil persecution began three years ago, our family has undergone relentless and completely unjustifiable persecution. Simply for shouting from the bottom of my heart, "Falun Dafa is good," I was arrested and sent to the detention center, forced labor camp, and brainwashing classes numerous times, and I was unable to lead a normal life, attend school, or go to work.

My daughter was an outstanding student in the No. 3 Middle School of the city. She was admitted to college in 2001 with an excellent score. However, because she firmly practiced Falun Dafa, she was refused admission and deprived of continuing her education.

My husband worked in a state-owned enterprise. For many years, he was always diligent and responsible in his work. However, because he practiced Falun Gong, he lost his title, was deprived of all kinds of bonuses, and stripped from the retirement benefits that he was entitled to. He was often harassed by lawless officials in his company, and was also forced to go through brainwashing. At the end of July this year, he was deceived by the vicious police, punched and kicked, and forcefully taken to a brainwashing class for further persecution.

I was detained for 50 days for trying to go to Beijing to say, "Falun Dafa is good." Then I was kept there for another 40 days for refusing to sign the so-called "Guarantee Statement" [A statement to declare that a practitioner is remorseful for practicing Falun Gong and guarantees not to practice Falun Gong again, not to go to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong, and never again associate with any Falun Dafa practitioners]. After that, I was arrested and sent to detention centers and labor camps several times. Once I went on a hunger strike in jail to protest the unlawful arrest. The police hit and verbally abused me, and brutally force-fed me for the sole purpose of torturing me. They also extorted 50 Yuan [500 Yuan is the average monthly income for an urban worker in China] from me each day as a fee for the force-feeding, and I was illegally fined a total of almost 2,000 Yuan. On a summer day in 2001, six or seven police invaded my house for no reason, confiscated all our belongings including my pager, bag, and walkman along with some other household items. They arrested me and my husband, and detained us for nearly six months. After that, I was immediately sentenced to three years of forced labor. As I looked quite ill, the police were afraid of my dying, so they sent me home. Afterwards, the vicious people often came to knock at or smash in my door. They even appointed people to keep watch on me outside my house, constantly disturbing our neighbors. In 2002, the police often seized the opportunity while I went out of the house to forcefully take me into a police van and send me to forced labor camps. Based on my firm belief in Dafa and sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil, I walked out of the labor camps honorably and uprightly time and again.

Because our whole family steadfastly cultivates Falun Dafa and follows "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance," our companies withheld money from our salaries for no reason. Since 2001, we have had up to 20,000 Yuan extorted from us, and even now we are still not given even a cent for living expenses. We call on kind-hearted people everywhere to give their support to Dafa practitioners and to help stop this persecution as soon as possible.

September 26, 2002