On August 23, 2002, a number of practitioners had an experience-sharing meeting at a practitioner's home in Huangxu Town, Shengyang District, Deyang City, Sichuan Province. That day, right after 10 a.m., the first section manager Hong Qi of the district public security police brought more than ten policemen and forcefully arrested every practitioner on the scene and put them in a detention center. More than one hundred people from Shengyang District, Huangxu Town, Yangjia Town, Guanghan City, and Mianzu City were illegally arrested.

Some of the practitioners were sent to a detention center on the same day. The majority were taken back to their villages by the local police and detained there. During their detention, they were brainwashed, forced to write a guarantee letter to give up practicing Falun Gong, and to pay bail. Those practitioners who did not comply with the unreasonable demands received a brutal beating.

On the first night, the Huangxu Town police viciously beat up the practitioners; even an eighty-year-old woman was not spared. The people close to the police station could hear the practitioners' screams of pain. During the day, the police ordered the practitioners to stand under the scorching sun. To achieve their aim, the Huangxu Town Police Station sent the practitioners from the Huangxu Town back to the detention center at Deyang City for more torture. One Huangxu Town elementary school teacher, Jiang Degui, was beaten so badly that he fainted and sustained severe injuries. He is still bedridden today. Another teacher, Luo Ying, was also beaten up severely. A lot of practitioners were hung up and beaten. Another practitioner went on a hunger strike in protest. When he was force-fed, the food was carelessly forced into his lungs. He lost consciousness; two of his teeth were also knocked out in the process. He was rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment, but the hospital refused to take him. Because the police were afraid that he might die, he was sent home.

When the Yangjia Town police brought the practitioners back to be brainwashed, one of the practitioners died. The lawless officer lied to the media, saying that the death was due to a heart condition, but the staff from the public security department said the practitioner was beaten to death.

The practitioners were also forced to pay huge fines. They were asked to pay "bail" and the money was deducted from their salaries. In Huangxu Town, one retired teacher was extorted 7,000 Yuan as bail for his release. The teacher was only given 200 Yuan per month living expense in lieu of his retirement benefits. Also, the teacher had to report to school every day for work. Teachers were not paid their normal wages but were given only a 200-Yuan monthly living expense, and not allowed to teach classes.

Because four of the practitioners arrested were teachers, the Deyang City Education Department gave orders demanding that the schools in Deyang City force their teachers and students to declare their position on Falun Gong, take an oath, sign and give a speech on Falun Gong. Many teachers were appalled by these measures.

Up to now, there are still seven or eight practitioners, including Yang Daifu and Qiu Caiyuan, who are being illegally detained. Jiang Shengui, Luo Ying, Zhou Min, a young man whose last name is Deng, and one other person whose name is unknown had all been released, but they were forcefully arrested again from their homes a few days ago.

We hope the practitioners who know about this matter can intensify their sending forth righteous thoughts to help these practitioners regain their freedom, and all the kind, righteous people can join us to stop the Jiang regime's persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.