1. I have a relative who is 70 years old. He's a very righteous and just person. When I went to his birthday celebration this year, I clarified the truth to my other relatives. Some of them were profoundly deceived by the evil lies, and said some very bad things during the meal. My 70-year-old relative said to them, "There is nothing bad in Zhuan Falun!" The other relatives became quiet. He later said to me, "I know that [Jiang's Regime] is doomed. It's corrupted from the highest level."

2. After a vicious cop arrested a practitioner who made a lot of truth-clarifying materials, his non-practitioner wife and two children were left at home alone. This brought tremendous hardship to his family and their relatives became quite worried. Some concerned practitioners went to see her to try to console her, but she told them, "I'm OK. I know what's right and what's wrong and I can live with this. This is all Jiang's doing because he tries to stop people from being good people."