September 16, 2002

Dear Secretary Powell:

A member [name withheld] of the Georgia Falun Gong Practitioners and Families and Friends recently informed me of the imprisonment of Zhou Xuefei, wife of Cobb County, GA businessman, Sam Lu. Xuefei has been allegedly imprisoned for passing out fliers in China clearifying the truth of Falun Gong, a meditation practice aimed at achieving a higher consciousness and enlightenment.

Since Novenber 2001, Xuefei has been jailed in the Women's Labor Camp of the Guangdong Province in Sanshui. I understand that due to torture and malnutrition, she has almost completely lost her eyesight. Her husband and family have requested her medical parole but have been denied by the Chinese government.

Enclosed is a letter written by Zhou Xuefei's husband as well as an article featured in the Marietta Daily Journal describing the situation.

I ask that you review their case and take appropriate action.

Very truly yours,

Saxby Chambliss

Member of Congress