(Clearwisdom.net) Xu Huijun, a director of the Guangming Police Station, has arrested many Dafa practitioners. His wife was caught in a sex scandal and his reputation was damaged, losing face for him and his family. Having lost his reputation and his money, Xu Huijun nevertheless proceeded to arrest an elderly female practitioner, Wang Xiuqin, sending her to a forced labor camp on two occasions. Recently however, Xu Huijun met with heavenly retribution. He himself was sent to jail, reportedly because of corruption and involvement with stolen money.

Zhang Shifeng, a policeman at the Guangming Police Station, used to put socks into practitioners' mouths. After his wrongdoing was exposed, he became even more vicious against practitioners. He illegally entered practitioners' homes without a warrant and forced them to leave their families, becoming destitute. Several days later, Zhang Shifeng himself met with retribution. He was arrested by police in Changchun City because he had held pulled out a gun to stop them from hauling away some prostitutes.

Zhang Fuxiang, Vice Mayor of Zhaoyang Village, viciously slandered practitioners. As a direct result of his actions, on the day of the 2000 Dragon Rice Festival, Zhang Fuxiang, his wife, mother-in-law and his wife's nephew all died in a car accident.

A former city farm department leader went to Beijing to arrest practitioners. As a direct result of his actions, he lost tens of thousands of Yuan, but failed to recognize this was due to what he had done, so he kept on doing it. Later, he was laid off after receiving his department's worst performance review of the year.

Wang Shuxian was a schoolteacher. She forced a student to write letters slandering Dafa, and she spread lies about Dafa to innocent children. As a direct result of her actions, she was hospitalized and had to have surgery. She still hasn't recovered from her illness.

In one city, a fifth grade student directed a play slandering Dafa. People advised him not to do this, but he did not listen. As a direct result of his actions he began to suffer nosebleeds.

In Shengli Village, Caiyuanzi County, Li Guoxiang's wife believed Jiang Zemin's fabricated stories. She cut out Teacher's eyes from a photograph. Her retribution followed quickly, and she suddenly went blind. No doctor or medicine could cure her.

Zhang, a leader in the farm-machinery organization, was against his family members practicing Dafa. Moreover, he slandered Dafa and Teacher Li many times and would not listen to other's kind advice. Last year he got cancer.

Kong, an old woman, became very healthy while practicing Falun Dafa. After July 20, 1999, she went on TV to slander Dafa. Now her face has grown white hairs and her weight has dropped from around 130 Jin (Chinese pounds: one pound is about 0.9 Jin) to around 70 Jin.

Ge Donghui lives in Nankalu Village, Yangshu County. In June of 2001, he damaged Dafa materials and was immediately unable to move his leg. This condition persisted for some time. In September, he slandered practitioners that clarified the truth to him. Two days later, he slid down from a one-meter high hay pile and broke his left ankle. He still cannot walk to this day.

Zhang Qingshan, a resident of Yangshu County, tore down Dafa banners and ripped off Dafa flyers that he found posted around town. He was advised several times not to do it again. Around September 20 of this year (of the Chinese lunar calendar) his face became swollen and he could not see. The more the doctor tried to help, the more severe it became. Finally, he realized his errors and his symptoms started to turn around.