Chen Jianxin, the director of the Baishan City Labor Camp in Jilin Province, incited corrupt police to electrically shock and humiliate Falun Gong practitioners. On December 20, 2001, he ignored kind warnings from others and insisted on torturing practitioners who were on a hunger strike. That afternoon, he had a car accident, after which he was confined to bed and was left unable to speak. Mr. Sun is the head of the Education Office and he told others that he also received immediate retribution. He lost all of his hair and his wife developed a liver ailment. He was forced to spend a lot of money on medical treatment.

Feng Liping, the head of the Wangou Police Station in Jiangyuan County, Baishan City, has viciously tortured Dafa practitioners. In November of 2001, he had a car accident. It is said that he became comatose as a result. Gu Xiandou, the head of the Fusong Public Security Bureau, has tortured Dafa practitioners and illegally extorted money from them. He suffered immediate retribution and even his family was affected. His son was divorced and his wife died. He himself was involved in a murder and is currently on the run.

Zhang and Wang work in a store in Harbin City. They slandered Dafa and Master Li. The following day, Wang had a terrible headache and became unable to work. Zhang had a heart attack and fainted in the store. In early November, Wang slandered Dafa again. The next day, her parents, in-laws, husband, and children all became quite ill and were hospitalized. They have to visit the hospital frequently. Both Zhang and Wang have been laid off from their jobs.

One practitioner was laid off because he spread Fa in his workplace. Soon the manager of the department store wrenched his ankles and his condition became increasingly serious. When the practitioner was saying good-bye and was continuing to spread Fa to his colleagues, the manager came over, crippled, and viciously said some bad words to him. In the afternoon, the manager's voice became hoarse and he had trouble speaking.

The manager of the Industry and Business Bank in Jiangbin County, Heilongjiang Province closely followed Jiang's terrorizing group, damaging Dafa. His actions brought suffering to the whole bank. Their economic interests dropped drastically, so the employees were unable to get paid. Several dozen workers were laid off as a result. The manager was hardly able to keep his own position.

Chai Junping is a police officer in the Daxing Police Station of Daowai Public Security Division Bureau in Harbin. He extorted money from Dafa practitioners, spending it lavishly on himself. He received immediate retribution, developing a serious case of diabetes requiring hospitalization.

Wang Yu is 38 years old, and his wife Pang Shuyan, is 34 years old. The couple had suffered many diseases before they started learning and practicing Falun Gong. They both benefited a lot from the practice. Not only did their diseases disappear, but their business also went well (they have a cosmetics shop). However, later they were used by the evil force and spied on other practitioners. As retribution, Wang Yu suffered from pleurisy and was hospitalized. Early this year, Pang Shuyan was also diagnosed with late stages of uremia. She spent 220,000 Yuan on medical treatment and is still hospitalized at the time of writing this article.