The local Army-Civilian Joint Defense police picked us up in a suburb of Beijing on April 8, 2001, when I was spreading truth-clarification materials with a fellow practitioner in her fifties. They did not show us any identification. I earnestly asked them not to do things that helped the evil. I explained that Falun Dafa is the law of the universe and that practitioners are all good citizens. However, in order to earn a reward, they didn't listen to us and called the local police station. Several hundred people looked on, so we began to spread the Fa and clarify the truth about Falun Gong and the persecution to them, handing out flyers and answering their questions. Many of them thus had a chance to learn the truth. Some of them said to the police, "Please release them. Why do you arrest people that practice Falun Gong? They are good people." I could see that people were awakening.

A police car came in an hour and took us to the Changping Dongxiaokou Police Station. A policeman whose employee number is 050143 took me to a room and tried to get my name and address. I kindly explained the Fa to him and advised him not to do things that helped the evil. However, he did not listen to me at all. He started to curse me and swear at the Fa, so I did not say another word to him. He asked me why I stopped talking to him. I answered, "I can answer your questions if you are not clear about anything about Falun Dafa, but I won't answer any other questions." He became furious. He pulled my hair and slapped me in the face. He ordered me to kneel down. I firmly refused. Then he threatened that they would bury me alive if I did not give him my name. He got nothing from me that night.

They locked us in two big steel cages. The police told the security guards not to allow us to use the bathroom unless we told them our names. It was very cold at night. So we started to practice the Falun Dafa exercises. I sat on the ground to do the meditation exercise. A policeman then called a security guard to bring him a big glass of water. He poured the water over my head. I didn't move at all. However, I felt pity for them seeing them accumulate so much karma out of ignorance.

The next morning when the policeman came to work, he took me back to the same room again and continued to interrogate me. I said nothing, feeling sorry for him. I couldn't help shedding tears. When the policeman found that he could not get any information from me, he revealed his gangster nature. He told me to put my hands on the table. I did not do it, so he tried to grab my hands. I didn't want him to touch me, so I put my hands on the table. He lit a cigarette and blew the smoke out at my face. Seeing I didn't pay attention to him, he used the cigarette to burn the backs of my hands. I looked directly into his eyes and didn't fear him at all. He pulled out a knife that was used to cut fruit and tried to separate my closed-up fingers with it. I stopped him. He began to beat me up and slapped me on both sides of my face several times. Then he pushed me outside into the rain, cursing me in foul language. About ten minutes later, he took me inside again. He made me sit on a chair and he sat opposite me. He started to smoke again and blew out the smoke at me. He forced the cigarette butts into my mouth. I choked and coughed, but still said nothing. He had used up all his tricks, so he asked a few security guards to watch me. Before he left, he told the guards to touch my hands and face when they had nothing to do. The guards surrounded me. They cursed and humiliated me. They even sexually harassed me. I righteously warned them to respect me. They pulled in their horns a little bit. They surrounded me and closely watched me. Still they didn't allow me to use the bathroom.

At about 11 p.m. that night, the malicious cop came back very drunk. He asked me for my name and I said nothing. He said, "All right. No regrets!" He took me to stand in front of a cage. There was a man in his thirties in it. The drunken policeman said the man had been arrested today because he was involved in a gang fight and continued, "Didn't the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp throw female Falun Gong practitioners into male criminals' cells? I'll hand you over to this man tonight and see how he will deal with you." I resisted very hard, trying not to be pushed in. The evil policeman saw he couldn't push me in, so he took me to another empty room. He locked the door and turned off the light. He rushed towards me and forced me down to the ground. His nasty hands cruelly pinched my breasts. I struggled to avoid his sinister intentions. He tried to force me to follow orders. I couldn't find any words to describe his shamelessness. Finally I couldn't bear the humiliation any more and I was forced to tell him how many copies of the truth-clarification materials I had handed out, how many I had brought with me, and how many I had put up. I signed "a Dafa particle" and put my fingerprint on the statement. I felt very sad. I did not expect the "people's police" led by President Jiang's gang to be so blatant. Later I asked a security guard for this policeman's name, but he did not dare tell me. I started once again to spread the Fa, using the compassion I had cultivated from Dafa, to the three security guards that watched me. My words and my acts moved them. They told me that over one hundred Falun Dafa practitioners had been detained there. Some of them were beaten up in Tiananmen Square and were bleeding badly when they were brought in. The police threw the practitioners that practiced the Falun Gong exercises outside on extremely cold winter days. The practitioners all tried to spread the Fa with their compassionate hearts to the security guards. The guards all knew that the practitioners were good people. However, without getting the names and addresses of the practitioners, they would lose their bonuses. They told me that they would treat the practitioners better in the future. Just at that time, the guard that had cursed me before arrived and started to curse me again. The three other guards immediately stopped him, asking him to leave the room. I could tell that their kindness was returning.

Early the next morning, the policeman who had begun to rape me arrived to talk to me again. He said that he had made a mistake with my statement the last night and I needed to rewrite it. I understood that the great benevolent Teacher was giving me a chance to correct my mistake. I rejected my fear and solidly refused to answer any questions. He went berserk and asked me why I had told him things last night. He said that his boss already knew that I gave him the information. Now he couldn't close the case without my statement. I asked him, "Don't you remember how you forced me to give you the information last night? Can you still be called a human being? You also have a father, mother, siblings, wife, and children. What would you do if your family members were treated this way?" He shamelessly answered, "That's right. I can't be called a human being. I am a gangster. I become a policman when I put on my uniform and I return to being a gangster when I take it off. Just hate me!" He was totally unreasonable since he couldn't report to his boss about the case. So he beat me to the ground again. I weigh one hundred pounds yet he grabbed my hair, pulling me up into the air. He slapped my face very hard and harshly said, "Do you think I am unable to handle you? I will make you clear on this issue even if I have to kill you!" I still didn't give in. Finally he gave up and sat down to fabricate my "statement." When he finished, he told me to sign it, "It's all right if you sign 'a Dafa particle' and put your fingerprint on the statement." I refused. He ordered two security guards to restrain me while he forced my fist open and pulled my index finger back against the back of my hand until it was only half an inch away from the back of my hand. Then he put the fingerprint on the statement. For the next ten days after this, my right hand could not even hold a little spoon.

They sent us to a detention center on the afternoon of April 3. We were detained there for almost five months. Many of the criminal inmates there were deeply respectful of the Fa and the practitioners. Some of them even practiced the exercises with us. The person that impressed me the most was the leader of my cell. She understood us very well. I encouraged her to practice the exercises with us. She asked us to wake her up in the morning when we did the exercises, so we always woke her up to do the exercises with us. Originally there were only two practitioners doing the exercises in the cell. Then there were three, and sometimes four. The disciplinarian that monitored us asked, "How many practitioners are there in your cell?" The others answered, "Two." "Then why there are four people doing the exercises?" They answered, "Falun Dafa is good. Those people who practice Falun Gong are good people. We also want to be good people."

We had an eighteen-year-old girl in our cell. She was sentenced to one year in the labor camp. She had a predestined relationship with the Fa. She always wanted to chat with me about it. However, at first she could not decide whether she wanted to practice. Later she became unable to sleep at night. Whenever she closed her eyes, she wouldn't be able to breathe. She would be all right if she opened her eyes, so she became extremely sleepy. This situation lasted over ten days. I said to her, "Make a good wish." That night, when the same symptoms returned, she made a wish that she would practice the Fa and follow "Truth, Compassion and Tolerance." She asked Teacher to strengthen her. A miracle happened. Her symptoms immediately disappeared. She slept soundly the whole night. She was very happy and started to recite Teacher's poems. Another girl there was from Guangdong Province. She had been a college student. She wanted to stay close to us, so I discussed the Fa with her. She said she would definitely practice the Fa after she was released. Her health was very bad and she always felt ill. No medicine worked for her. I told her to make a heartfelt wish to practice the Fa. She sat there and carefully, silently made a wish. Another miracle took place. She immediately felt comfortable all over her body. Since then, she has not taken any medicine and she started to call herself "a Dafa practitioner."

Since July 20, the detention center has not allowed us to practice the Falun Gong exercises any more. The new cell leader is very vicious. She incites other inmates to beat me whenever I practice the exercises. One night I was taken to the bathroom and was beaten by a few of them because I practiced the exercises. Soon after, they all became ill and no medicine helped them. The cell leader kicked me once and she became ill for the whole day. Later she apologized to me and said, "We can't beat the practitioners. Whoever does it will be punished."

One day in August, I had a dream in which Teacher told me that we should brave our way out of the detention center. We should not passively bear these tribulations any longer. A few days later, a fellow practitioner was transferred to another cell because she went on a hunger strike. I started a hunger strike after she left. They force-fed me the next day but I determinedly refused to cooperate with them. I weighed about ninety pounds at that time, but four or five criminals tortured me by force-feeding me. It took them a lot of efforts to push the tube in. After the force-feeding, they pulled out the tube and there was blood all over it. I threw up the force-fed milk at once. There was blood in it also. Then I started to spit up blood and have a runny nose. There was blood in my mucus. I spit up blood for three hours.

On the fifth and the sixth days of my hunger strike, the detention center sent five of us to a brainwashing class in Changping. They forced us to watch a video, the contents of which were all fabricated. On the seventh day of my hunger strike, a policeman came to me and asked me what I thought after watching the video for two days. I told him that I watched it carefully. He asked for my opinion. I told him that it was all a lie to deceive the people around the world. I gave him examples and clarified the truth to him with a compassionate heart. I told him that practitioners are all good people. We are strict with ourselves and follow higher moral standards. Won't it be better when there are more good people like us? He understood a lot after I spoke with him. He said from his heart that he wanted to help me, however, he did not have the authority. If he had the authority, he would release us right away. I clearly saw he positioned himself very well in his heart and I felt happy for him.

On the ninth night of my hunger strike, the secretary of the director of the detention center came. He told me to get my things and to leave. All of the people in the cell said goodbye to me and saw me off. They said they would contact me after they were out and that they, too, wanted to practice Falun Gong. The practitioner who had been arrested with me and I thus braved our ways out of the detention center under the compassionate care of Teacher. We left the labor camp and again joined the great wave of Fa-rectification.