1. Rewarded for Upholding Justice
  2. Many company leaders have sent their colleagues to brainwashing classes and forced labor camps in order protect their self-interests. There are other company leaders, however, who have chosen to stand up against the terrorist acts of Jiang Zemin's regime. By standing up for practitioners and doing what is right they have brought good fortune to themselves and to their businesses.

    The company that I work for has about 500 employees. I am in charge of the marketing department. Since I am a Dafa practitioner, I understand that I need to do my job well. I work almost every Saturday and Sunday voluntarily. Our marketing plan has achieved good results. Consequently, the president of our company holds me in high regard.

    Before 1999, I often went on business trips with him. We had opportunities to discuss the principles of Falun Gong. He holds a Ph.D. and respects my personal beliefs. He has also asked others in the company to respect my beliefs. In July 2000, I was taken to the Public Security Bureau for downloading Dafa materials and passing them out to fellow practitioners. In order to support me the president interrupted his routine and held a special meeting to discuss my situation. Our company issued a letter attesting to my good standing and the president also issued a personal guarantee to bail me out.

    When I returned to work, everyone treated me well. I continued to lead the marketing department. On a couple of occasions people tried to send me to brainwashing class but their attempts failed because my company was against it. Because the company upheld justice they were rewarded. The department I lead, for example, is most unified and friendly. Our company sales reached a record high in 2000 and sales of our primary products doubled in 2001.

    The president himself has also been undergoing a change. He used to be a serious person and everyone in our company was afraid of him. Now he is always smiling. He attributes the change in his working style in a large part to my influence.

  3. Spreading Dafa with a Laptop Computer
  4. Several days ago some fellow practitioners proposed to use a laptop computer to spread the Fa. If a laptop computer has a CD-ROM, it can be used to play video clips for friends and relatives. I tried this method and it was very effective.

  5. Clarifying the Truth During Meals
  6. For work I often have to take people out to eat and am invited to dinner parties as well. As a practitioner, I don't drink alcohol during meals. Invariably this becomes a topic of a conversation. One time I attended a gathering of my classmates. At dinner when I was offered alcohol I told them I was a Falun Gong practitioner. I then started talking to them about Dafa. The husband of one of my classmates happened to be in charge of taking actions against Falun Gong practitioners at his work place. He said to me, "I had no idea that you practiced Falun Gong. From now on, I will have an entirely different view of Falun Gong." One time after taking a guest to dinner, my colleague patted me on my shoulder and said to me, "I have worked in many places and have managed many companies. Of all the people I have met I can honestly say you are the only one I admire because you are such a good person." Upon hearing that, I felt gratitude toward our Teacher since I knew that it was the mighty virtue of Falun Dafa that is being manifested through me.