(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioners Wang Desheng (Head of Falun Gong volunteer assistance center in Ningxia Province), Lu Xiangdong (vice head), Luan Ning (vice head), Wang Yuzhu (assistant) were sentenced to "re-education" through forced labor. Because of their positions, the police wanted to make an example of them. They utilized various means to try to force the practitioners to give up their beliefs in Falun Gong--but failed. At last, they sent the practitioners to a brick factory where they are treated very harshly.

Every prisoner in the factory is required to move 5,000 bricks every day, which is exhaustingly heavy labor. But Falun Gong practitioners are forced to move 6500 bricks. In the beginning, Wang Desheng was exhausted from the heavy labor, but after three days he finally got used to it. Once, while he was working, he suddenly saw Teacher's Fashen in the sky. He realized that Teacher was encouraging him and this strengthened his determination in cultivation.

Luan Ning graduated from college and was a vice section head of the Administration Department of the Ministry of Labor. He was also a Falun Gong assistant. He has been threatened, hung up while being beaten, and doused with cold water. The perpetrators even used his family and relatives to try to shake his determination in cultivation. The inhuman heavy labor in the brick factory did not affect his solid belief in Falun Gong at all. He was dispatched to the harshest work unit to bake bricks. Baking bricks demands much more labor and the ambient temperature is 60 to 70oC (140 to 158oF)

Wang Yuzhu graduated from college and was working in the Electricity Department. Lu Xiangdong is a successful entrepreneur. Wang Desheng had previously worked in a power plant. The labor camp staff thought they could destroy these practitioners physically and mentally with heavy labor and harsh conditions, but the practitioners' righteous thoughts were solid and unmovable; they faced the torture openly with great dignity.

The guards became desperate when they saw that their plots had failed one after another; they started using harsher measures to torture the practitioners. There is no humanity left in these guards. They cuff the practitioners' hands behind their backs for days, hang them up to beat them, kick them with boots, tie them up with ropes for several days, even weeks, and slam their heads against the wall (the practitioners' heads were hurt so badly from this torture that their hair fell out). The various means of torture became worse every day. In July and August, the torture of the practitioners reached its most brutal stage.

Practitioners' families, relatives, and friends could not fully believe the brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. When they saw their loved ones had been tortured, they said in great agony, "The stories of Masanjia Labor Camp torturing practitioners on the truth-clarifying flyers are indeed true."

Facing the cruel torture, the practitioners always kept compassionate hearts. Their mighty compassion and forbearance made a clear contrast to the viciousness of those perpetrators; it awakened the consciences of both prisoners and police, and changed their wrong notions and opinions. A prisoner told Wang Yuzhu's family, "I deeply respect Wang Yuzhu. Dafa practitioners always consider others while they themselves are in such a hard situation. They are great!"

When the prisoners stole Wang Desheng's winter boots, he did not argue with them nor try to grab the boots back. He walked in the field barefoot to do the labor. The prisoners were moved by his actions. Two days later, his winter boots were returned to him.

Luan Ning gave the food that his family sent to him and most of his daily necessities to others. Practitioners told the prisoners about Falun Dafa, and recited "HongYin" to them. Gradually, the prisoners changed their unfriendly attitudes and started to respect the practitioners. Some of them started to learn Falun Gong. Some police directly told the practitioners, "Great! We wish all people in society were like you!"

The practitioners wrote down their great cultivation stories using their solid righteous thoughts, and created a new environment. The current situation in the labor camp is improved. We hope Ningxia practitioners keep righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil forces and to help imprisoned practitioners get away from the evil's den.