(Clearwisdom.net) Officials at the Laiwu Steel Group, Incorporated in Shangdong Province have applied new tactics to persecute Dafa practitioners: they have placed those practitioners who left home to avoid being persecuted on a "Wanted" list. They printed a large number of public notices and distributed them to their factories, workshops, and teams to post.

The names of practitioners who are on the Wanted list:

Li Guimei, female, 49 years old (left home in February 2001.)

Yu Luping, female, 44 years old, (left home in February 2001.)

Ren Xiuying, female, 46 years old, (left home in February 2001.)

Ouyang Yongkui, male, 46 years old, (left home in March 2001.)

Zhang Aiyun, female, 48 years old, (left home in June 2001.)

Wang Junsheng, male, 36 years old, (left home in February 2001.)

Phone numbers of the perpetrators:

Head criminal: Jiang Kaiwen (General Secretary of the Party in Laiwu Steel Group, Inc.);

Director of political and security department of Yinshan Public Security: Jiao Yuqi;

Director of Nanling police station of Yinshan Public Security: Ding Qiang;

Policeman of Laiwu Steel Company in Yinshan Public Security: Zhou Minggang

Their phone number 86-634-6820838, 6820616

Special network: 9218-6638 9218-6600

We seriously warn these lawless officials to stop persecuting Dafa practitioners! Stop right now! It is a heavenly principle that good is rewarded with good, and evil is met with evil.

Note: Ouyang Yongkui and Zhang Aiyun have been kidnapped and illegally detained in the criminal detention center of Laiwu Public Security.