Before the New Year, Dafa practitioners from New England and Scotland participated in a 5-day long group Fa-study, practice and cultivation experience sharing in Dulwich, London.

The practitioners treasured this opportunity for group study and experience sharing, as it was the only such kind of prolonged activity for all UK practitioners besides the experience sharing conference. Some practitioners joined the group study after participating the group study and experience sharing in central England during Christmas. About 50 new and veteran practitioners joined the gathering.

The schedule for this activity was simple. Group practice was held in the morning (practicing the first four sets), followed by studying Zhuan Falun and Teacher's new articles since The Knowing Heart. After lunch break, studying Zhuan Falun and then experience sharing were arranged. After dinner, sending forth righteous thoughts and sitting meditation were held and followed by studying Teacher's new articles. The group activity ended at 11:30 p.m.

All the practitioners studied Fa earnestly, including the young practitioners, who played together only during break. As we were all very busy and did not have chance to share experiences even during group Hongfa activity, this gathering was a good opportunity for the practitioners to share experiences. We talked about personal cultivation experiences, experience and thoughts on clarifying the truth and carrying out other Dafa work, and Hongfa plans to have more integrated improvement and coordination. The practitioners were reluctant to leave even though it was already 3:00 a.m.

All of us realized the importance of clarifying the truth to Chinese people, especially those in China, and discussed how to employ all available means and try our best to do so. We also discussed how to utilize various means to have everyday people understand Dafa, such as festivals and performances.

More importantly, the practitioners also pointed out the importance of studying the Fa. We can become real Dafa particles only though studying Fa with a pure mind. Then all that we do will be the best and conform to Dafa's standards. Otherwise, "Wouldn't it be the same as nothing having been done, even after this was completed? How could it be acceptable if the same realm and standards were to remain after this is completed?" ("Master Li Hongzhi's Lecture at the Great Lakes Conference in North America").