Some lawless officials of the Charcoal Elements Factory in Lanzhou City, Gansu Province, worked in collusion with some misguided policemen to illegally imprison Dafa practitioners from the factory and to subject them to torture. The local deputy party secretary in this factory, Tang Zhanqing, now has a serious brain disease. The previous deputy chief of the security section in this factory, Li Shikuan went to Beijing to arrest Dafa practitioners. After coming back, he was seriously ill and almost lost his life. The party general secretary for retired employees' office, Wang Xincun, defamed Dafa on TV and now has diabetes.

Shu Xueru of Xinjin Township in Sichuan Province mistreated her 86-year-old father-in-law, Zhu Zhicheng, and caused Zhu to commit suicide. Shu attempted to shift the blame onto Falun Gong. However, the officials of the village and other informed people told the truth and thus Shu didn't succeed in making her false accusation. In order to get some benefits from arranging the funeral for her father-in-law, Shu invited many guests to dinner on November 24. However, more than 100 guests had food poisoning that evening. Many officials and ordinary people said, "This is all retribution brought by Shu's false charge against Falun Gong!"

One official in charge of the general administration of Longma Township of Xinjin County, Hu Genquan collected materials to make false accusations against Falun Gong and claimed on many occasions that, "Falun Gong practitioners need to be punished to death." If one person commits any wrongdoing, one's whole family will suffer for it. Hu Genquan's 21-year-old daughter died miserably in a car accident.