The city government of Antony has been actively promoting Falun Gong to its citizens in the last several years. During this holiday season the government posted public announcements throughout the city.

Mayor Patrick Devedjan of Antony is the spokesperson of the co-ruling RPR party and a member of parliament. By the end of 1996 he had already understood that Falun Gong is a high-level cultivation system based on traditional Chinese culture that offers free teachings. To make it convenient for citizens to learn Falun Gong, in 1997 the Mayor personally granted practitioners the privilege to use the city government's facilities free of charge to teach Falun Gong. The city government has also posted public notices introducing Falun Gong. During this holiday season, over 70 bulletin boards throughout the city of Antony displayed public notices of Free Falun Gong Class information. The public notices can be seen everywhere including city hall, activity centers, sport centers, Normal College, primary schools, supermarkets, residential areas and the entrances to highways.

Public Notice: China Falun Gong
An Advanced Buddhist Qigong
Free Teaching
Time: Every Wednesday starting at 7 p.m.
Location: Omitted
Telephone: Omitted
Falun Dafa Association

Sports CenterResidential Area
SchoolActivity Center