On December 6, 2001, a Changchun practitioner and I went to the Chaoyanggou Labor Camp to expose the evil and clarify the truth. Before our departure, we were aware that some fellow practitioners had been tortured to death there, and others were on hunger strikes, valiantly resisting the evil. We felt a sense of divine certainty in our hearts, and were determined to rectify the Fa at the Labor Camp.

When we arrived at Chaoyanggou, I didn't think about the persecution I had previously endured there, but focused my mind to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all the evil beings that persecuted Dafa. After I finished, we entered the building. We climbed to the third floor to see the political official of the camp, and proceeded to clarify the truth to him.

We went next to the so-called "improvement division" of the camp and met Assistant Supervisor Long Xifeng and four others. We intended to speak with Supervisor Long individually, as clarifying the truth and exposing the evil to him alone would be less problematic than with five people all at once. However, we believed that we still had to expose the evil even with more people there. At the same time, wasn't this a perfect chance to spread Dafa, and allow more people to be saved? After the slight hesitation, we discussed the practitioners' disregard of personal interests, while selflessly rectifying the Fa to save all beings. We told them, "If CCTV (China Central TV, the state-run Chinese TV station) allowed Teacher to speak for only five minutes all the people in China would be saved." We also informed them, "If people persecute Dafa, the new world will eliminate them. In order for people to understand the truth and act correctly, we've donated most of our hard-earned money to create and print brochures, flyers and banners, while at the same time facing the possibility of being arrested and cruelly persecuted. Undaunted by the evil, aren't Dafa practitioners doing everything for the good of the people?" We added, "Isn't our visit today also for your own benefit? We hope you will ignore Jiang Zemin's false accusations and deceitful propaganda. They immerse you in a world of falsehood, and use you to perpetrate evil, while letting you accrue karma. The few people who persecute Dafa cannot represent the government or the kind-hearted general populace. Those few only represent the evil. Persecuting Dafa will certainly produce severe consequences."

I clearly remembered Supervisor Long saying, "Falun Gong practitioners have even posted flyers inside residential hallways." Afterwards, he asked us if we brought any flyers. We immediately thought, "Aren't we doing Fa-rectification? How could we back down in the face of evil?" So I gave him our Falun Dafa flyers. He looked at them and said, "This is enough evidence to arrest you." I replied, "What we do are the most divine tasks." He quickly returned our flyers. This was probably a test of our firmness by the Teacher. Official Long noticed that my pocket was full and asked me what was in it. I believed that Dafa should be noticed, and that there was nothing to fear. I took out Teacher's articles from my pocket and he at once gave them to the chief officer and said, "Confiscate this, we can't give them back." I firmly stated, "You cannot do this; they're invaluable to me and you must give them back." I took them from his hands. Our righteous thoughts enabled us to keep Teacher's articles. We talked with them for a while more and then left.

This truth-clarification experience truly stunned the evil. We further understood the role of Fa-rectification practitioners, and realized that what we carry out are the most divine undertakings in the cosmos: "...they frighten all evil, and the light of truth they emanate makes the unrighteous elements in all beings' thoughts disintegrate" ("Also in a Few Words"). Selfish thoughts and the attachment of fear are not innate, and all evils will disintegrate within Fa-rectification practitioners' infinite compassion.