(Clearwisdom.net) At 3:00 a.m. on January 3, 2002, Liu Chunshu, a 44 year-old female practitioner, was arrested by Banan District police at the Xiaoquan Hotel. The police forced her to take off most of her clothing in the cold weather of 6o C (42o F) while depriving her of food for a whole day. On the evening of January 8, 2002, Ms. Liu was rushed to a hospital for emergency treatment. Even then, the police still watched her closely and allowed no visitors. Ms. Liu died the next day on January 9, 2002.

Following are the phone numbers of those responsible for Liu Chunshu's death:

Chongqing Banan District Police Department: 86-23-6622-1475

The person of Banan District Police who is in charge of the persecution: 86-23-6637-1033

Xiaoquan Hotel: 86-23-6284-9226

Chongqing City Police Department: 86-23-6384-4756

Chongqing City Police Department Appeals Office: 86-23-6871-1964

Wang Wanchuan or Yang Bing, contact persons of Public Order Team: 86-23-6383-3598

Chief reception day of City Police Department: Last Thursday of each month

Forced Labor Public Watch Hotline: 86-23-6775-2378 (day); 86-23-6871-1831 (night)

Chongqing City Police Department Reception: 86-23-6775-3908

Legal and Law Section: 86-23-6775-7050

Education Section: 86-23-6775-3948

Political Affairs Section: 86-23-6774-2954

Party Committee Office: 86-23-6774-2954

Police Administration Section: 86-23-6772-8644

Food and Janitorial Services Section: 86-23-6775-3958

Auditor and Discipline Section: 86-23-6775-2378

January 27, 2002