Ever since July 20, 1999 when Jiang's regime started persecuting Falun Gong, Sun Ruijian, Yang Ruiyu, Dai Xiangguang, and many other Dafa practitioners have been tortured to death by the "610 Office" (an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems) in Fujian Province. This office also illegally placed 300 innocent people in jails, forced labor camps, and detention centers to suffer extreme tortures. The following people are directly responsible for the persecutions.

Cai Chuanxiang and someone surnamed Fu, the chief officers in the "610 Office" of Fujian Province

Liu Xigui, Director of the "610 Office" of Fuzhou City

Zhang Minzhou, Director of the No. 1 Division of the City Police Department, and

Ye Zhaosen, a section chief in the same division, Phone: 86-591-7600593

Chen Yanghui, Director of the No. 1 Section of Gulou Branch Police Department

Wang Shizhong, Director of No. 1 Division of the Provincial Police Department, and

Director Pan of a section

Hu Bo, Brigade leader of the Special Discipline Brigade of Rujiang Forced Labor Camp, Fujian Province, Phone: 86-3971629-8181

Yu Hongqiu, Director of the Women's Forced Labor Camp of Fujian Province, Phone: 86-591-3591447, 86-13905917638

Wang Xiaohong, Director of Zhangzhou City Police Department, Fujian Province

During this period of time, chief officers in some cities and counties of the province could not avoid the consequences for their evil deeds.

In order to get a promotion, Wang Xiaohong, Director of Zhangzhou City Police Department, Fujian Province, felt no hesitation in persecuting Dafa disciples to reap political rewards. In July of 2000, Chen Meifen, the former assistant of the Zhangzhou Falun Gong Assistance Center, led several Dafa disciples to practice at Zhangzhou Nine-Dragon Park and, based on this sole fact, she was sentenced seven years in jail. Because legal proof was lacking, the higher authorities in the judicial body had overturned this sentence, yet Chen Meifen is still being detained without just cause.

Covered up by hypocrisy, Yu Hongqiu, Director of the Women's Forced Labor Camp of Fujian Province at Taiyu of Fuzhou, has committed many evil acts and misled quite a few practitioners who didn't understand the Fa deeply. In September of 2000, he took four practitioners from the Camp with him to go to Xin An Forced Labor Camp in Beijing for brainwashing. This was the first example throughout the country and he was "praised." Since then, evil brainwashing classes were rampant in Fujian Province. Having figured out some methods to spiritually ruin people, he became the general director of "brainwashing classes." During April of 2001, he brutally persecuted Dafa practitioners who wrote "Solemn Declarations"[voiding all documents that renounced Falun Dafa that they signed under severe pressure]. He deprived Dafa disciples of sleep and forced them to face the wall every day. In south China's hot weather, he didn't allow practitioners to bathe. Now, Taiyu Women's Forced Labor Camp has become a notorious den of brainwashing. Yu Hongqiu is responsible for the persecution of many Dafa practitioners. Recently he has been lecturing everywhere to spread his experience in persecuting people.

To get a promotion, Hu Bo, a Brigade leader of the Special Discipline Brigade of Rujiang Forced Labor Camp for Drug Addicts, acted as a daring vanguard in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. During the period of 2000 through to 2001, he persecuted Falun Gong practitioners by making threats, forcing detention, extending prison terms, directly beating and torturing their bodies for the purpose of forcing them to give up their beliefs, etc. The detention term was as long as two months. He ordered policemen and instigated detainees to beat and torture Falun Gong practitioners using torturing devices such as handcuffs and electric batons. Hu Bo himself used an electric baton to shock 18-year-old practitioner Chen Heng and incited other detainees to beat him. Chen Heng had been beaten until he lost consciousness, and consequently suffered brain damage. Many practitioners were forced to stand straight for 16 hours every day, without sleep or rest, for up to ten days at a time or longer. This treatment continued for as long as three months, causing many practitioners' legs, even their whole bodies, to swell up and made them unable to walk and perform daily tasks normally.