(Clearwisdom.net) From local cable TV, we saw that Dafa practitioners Wang Hongyan (female), Jiang Chuiping and his wife Wang Caixiang were tortured by the police from the Nancun Police Station. They were arrested by officials of Antou Village on November 20, 2001 while telling people the truth about Falun Dafa. They clarified the truth to the officials, but the officials called the police, and the three were taken to the police station. The next day there was a big farmer's market in Nancun, and it was very cold that morning. Police tied the three practitioners to a utility pole, and put Dafa stickers on their faces and bodies to humiliate them. They continued to clarify the truth to the police. This was what we saw on the TV.

The Nancun police are very cruel to Dafa practitioners. Policemen Wang Junqing and Wu Zeyong, who are no better than beasts, have ruthlessly tortured kind Falun Gong practitioners with electric batons, the iron chair, handcuffed them from behind, etc. Police claim: "We'll make them suffer pain if they do not tell us the facts."

Police electrically shocked Wang Caixiang until all ten of her fingers were bleeding. They exhausted the power of two batons while hitting Wang Hongyan, causing her hair to burn. Later on, a layer of skin peeled off of her face, and she has not been able to move her left arm since the beating. The police station also threatened their family members to submit 5000 Yuan each before the practitioners would be released. Failing to get the money, policemen Wang Junqing and Wu Zeyong struck Jiang Chuiping with leather belts, causing his entire body to be covered with injuries. He was unable to walk for a long time. Jiang Chuiping is now being detained in Pingdu City. His wife, Wang Caixiang, was sent to Qingdao for forced labor and later sent to Wangcun Forced Labor Camp for an 18-month term. They were forced to leave behind their two children. The older one is thirteen years old, and the younger one is only two. It is really heartbreaking.

Wang Hongyan was refused by Qingdao Forced Labor Camp after failing to pass a physical examination. This angered the Nancun police. They confiscated a tractor, TV, and other things from Wang Hongyan's home, and frequently harassed her there. All three of Wang Hongyan's family members are Falun Gong practitioners. Her son and husband, Jiang Deshi, were once arrested by police while posting banners. The police hit them until two electric batons ran out of power, and their bodies were left covered with wounds. Her 14-year old son was handcuffed to a steel chair, punched, kicked, slapped in the face, given no food or drink, and not allowed to sleep for two days. Her son also refused to write a "guarantee" imposed by the police, and therefore was threatened with expulsion from school. Police informed the principal of the son's school. Unable to bear that the young student was being tortured in this way, the principal signed the "guarantee" so that the young boy would be released and could go back to school.

The criminal police's phone numbers:

Wang Junqing, 86-532-3392578

Wu Zeyong, 86-532-3396548

January 18, 2002