The 610 Office (an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems) staff of Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province, extorted money from practitioners in the name of organizing a brainwashing class. Every Dafa practitioner that was forced to attend the brainwashing class also had to cover the expenses of one or two other people assigned to accompany them, in addition to 1200 Yuan for themselves. Those practitioners who had no one to accompany them had to submit another 2400 Yuan.

Zhang Hanyun, 33, had suffered from amenorrhea and couldn't get pregnant, even though the village administration committee had given her permission to have a baby five years ago. After practicing Falun Gong for six months her menses became normal and she conceived. But last March, though she was pregnant and expecting her new baby soon, she was still forced to attend the brainwashing class. To avoid persecution she hid with her relative's family. Under the instruction of Hanzhong "610 Office" staff members, the administrative office of Beiguan closed down the construction sites of her father and brother in an attempt to force them to hand over Ms. Zhang. They also handcuffed Ms. Zhang's husband to the Bridge over the Jialing River to humiliate him. Despite her family's suffering, in the end they still arrested Zhang Hanyun and sent her to the brainwashing class. When the staff realized Ms. Zhang would soon be giving birth to a baby, they took her to an employee hospital 30km away, where the baby was literally dragged out of her womb.

Under the instruction of the "610 Office" of Hanzhong City, policemen in the detention center of Hanzhong brazenly persecuted Dafa practitioners. They not only took turns interrogating and cursing Dafa practitioners at will, but also designated drug-addicts, drug-smugglers, prostitutes, and thieves as "cell heads" and encouraged them to torture Dafa practitioners one by one. Those criminals seized practitioners' hair, slapped their faces, beat them on the head, kicked their feet, chest, and abdomen, and threw them to the ground and trampled them fiercely with leather shoes--all in an attempt to force practitioners to write a "statement of repentance." After several days of brutal beating, every practitioner was full of wounds and injuries.

Female practitioner Wu Yali's ribs were broken from the beating and she couldn't get out of bed for a month. Zheng Cuiping's (female) sternum was broken from the beating and she couldn't bend over for a month. Liang Fengying (female) was beaten until her whole body was black and blue and her face was swollen. Wang Bing's ears were slapped and they continued to bleed for a long time. Wang Xinlian (female)'s leather coat was damaged from the abuse and she was placed in shackles. Yang Xiulian, a woman over 60 years old, was slapped in the face and cursed. Ms. Liang was charged with "inciting other people to go to Beijing," and was arrested by police. She was brutally beaten and put in shackles. No imprisoned Dafa practitioners were spared being tortured; however, the Hanzhong media lied to the people outside. They said that in the detention center, the staff treated all practitioners very well, just like parents treat their children, teachers their students, and doctors their patients.

Dafa practitioners that were not detained were closely monitored and controlled, and were ordered to report to the administration office every day. One Dafa practitioner named Pu Longxiang is a retired driver. Because his son's car broke down in the suburbs, he went to fix the car and didn't ask for leave from the brainwashing class. Mr. Pu was arrested and sent to a forced-labor camp where he was ruthlessly beaten, put in shackles and illegally detained for 15 days. Zhang Zhixue, who lives near the railway station, is a middle school teacher. Mr. Zhang was ordered not to teach at the school, but rather to carry a small chair and sit at the railway station to monitor Dafa practitioners trying to go to Beijing. He would be seriously punished if he didn't report everything to the "610 Office."

The "610 Office" of Hanzhong has intimidated and deceived the families of Dafa practitioners who go to Beijing to appeal. They have used all opportunities to inflict torture. Professor Liu, who worked at the Industry College of Shaanxi Province, was unlawfully detained because he was suspected of distributing truth-clarifying materials. The Hanzhong "610 Office" ordered Shaanxi Industry College to expel Liu's daughter from school. When Mr. Liu's home was confiscated, his windows were broken and 30,000 Yuan was taken. The "610 Office" and police of Hanzhong purposefully delayed the release of practitioners whose illegal forced-labor terms had expired, thus creating an opportunity to blackmail the detained practitioners' families for money. They often called the detained practitioners' family members late at night and asked them to go to a dance club or a pub to discuss the issue of "releasing" a practitioner in exchange for money. It is known that they extorted 30,000 Yuan from 60-year-old Chen Chunzhu's daughter, 40,000 Yuan from the husband of Wu Yali, and 18,000 Yuan from the son-in-law of Yang Xiulian. Other practitioners' families were forced to submit various amounts of money, a partial list of which amounted to over 100,000 Yuan. Xu Jiandong and Wu Yali were illegally dismissed from their jobs and had no way to make their livings.

In the past two years, the persecutory actions of the "610 Office" and Hanzhong City detention center have allowed the people to gradually see their true faces.


Written on January 23, 2002